December 13, 2015

Clothes Show 2015


I've got a Clothes Show post today. Before I start can I just say that I'm writing this post in html and I'm so excited because I've never done that. Also I know the pictures look a bit different, yes I really needed to use a slideshow because I had tons of pictures and it would have made the post so long and boring. Anyway me and my friend Jade went to the 2015 Clothes Show last week on Saturday which was at the NEC in Birmingham and it was awesome! The only other 'fashion show' I went to was The Birmingham International Fashion Week, which I did a post on a while back.

We had VIP tickets so we managed to scoop up a free goodie bag which had, Burts Bees lip gloss, chocolate and the weirdest for last, wipes and shower gel for 'intimate areas'. If you're not familiar with the Clothes show and don't really know much about it, it's basically just a massive opportunity to shop till ya' drop. Now although I was super broke I managed to pick up a few things especially because they had a NYX stand! I know! I was so happy! We started off the day with the main show which showed trend predictions and themed styles like earth, underwater etc. I loved the main show because it was so fun! The choreography of the models was so good! You can see most of it in the slideshow above. I don't necessarily like Star Wars but I loved the Darth Vader bit and when the model blows a kiss, that was so cute and I'm so proud of capturing that moment hehe.

After the main show we just went around all the stands and tried out ALL the freebies for example we got our eyebrows done with some magical powder which last all day (Jade bought it in the end). The weirdest one I've tried was probably a teeth cleaning gel which felt so weird to put on. My favourite though was the Labrini cocktail bar, loved the free samples hehe. In the main hall where all the stand were they also had a couple of smaller stages for other shows like university students work etc. I loved that in events like that university fashion students get to showcase their work especially considering how hard it is in that industry.

Anyway, I just want to mention some of the brands here as I would have under their pictures. I found this stand with an adorable jewelry line. They were called Tada & Toy and I just loved their jewelry. You can see the pictures in the slideshow. The had gold and silver rings and necklaces which came in so many shapes and had so many cute details to them. They were very simplistic but also so beautiful. Another wonderful brand was Bag-a-licious which had such cute bags! In the slideshow you can see a few rubik's cubes stacked up, they were actually some of the bags. The had lots of other ones which looked adorable! They had cute little illustrations on them and some had an almost collage on the flap. They were so unique, I don't think I've ever seen bags with such on emphasis on art. Okay last one! In the slideshow near the end you'll see some silk tops mostly in the colour blue. It's a brand called Lulu Hayes which specialises in digital print/ luxury womenswear. Now it says 'luxury' but I feel like I could wear that all day every day. The prints were so intricate and honestly I was just mesmerized. The girls at the stand were also so lovely, I had a quick chat with them and managed to scoop up a business card.

Lastly can I just point out the celebs that were there! You can see I managed to snap a few shots of Jamie Laing, Joey Essex and Alexandra Felstead (or shall I say Binky). Now I'm not a big fan of reality tv but you just gotta take the pics when they're there hehe.

Anyway, thanks for reading, Dom x

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