December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve | Polish Christmas

Christmas, Christmas and Christmas is over. 
As most of you know (or have guessed by my name) I'm not actually English. I'm Polish and we celebrate Christmas a little differently. Poland is a very religious country and when it comes to Christmas we celebrate Christmas Eve more, rather than Christmas Day as it's more about the buildup to Jesus' birth. 

We fast all day and pretty much start cooking early in the morning. We also eat different things, it's not the Christmas dinner that you get here (UK). We make LOTS of dumplings. They're called pierogi. There are different versions of them, some with cheese stuffing, some with cabbage but then we make these things called uszka which pretty much translate to ears. They're called like that... well because they look a bit like an ear.

We had a slightly bigger Christmas this year because we had Oli coming over and then my sisters boyfriend came around so we had a lot of prezzies. I mean I'm pretty sure we never had it that big. It was nice though, just wish Oli could have come around earlier, he was working till late. The perks of celebrating it on Christmas Day is that pretty much every place is closed so you're very likely to have the day off. If it's Christmas Eve you have to beg for a day off. Plus I think having more people around my house for Christmas relaxes my mum. It gets a little stressful over Christmas.

And here's our set table. There's some fish, herrings, dumplings, dried fruits juice and most important, the beetroot soup. That's also something you probably don't see on your table. I'm not a big fan but its just something that we always eat.

Anyway, that's a little insight into my Christmas, how was everyone else's? I've got a few posts lined up soon. I'm really excited for them. Granny has agreed to feature in some so that will be fun! I've got outfit posts, beauty and even Japanese sweets review. Let's not forget the Christmas sales, yeah I went shopping hehe. It will be an exciting week or two.

Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing holiday, thanks for reading, Dom x

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