November 29, 2015

Murano Glass Jewelry | Venice Trip

Hello my lovelies!
As some of you may know I went to Venice last week and I'm so thrilled to share some of that with you. I also got a new camera recently so Venice was a perfect place for me to experiment with it. There were so many beautiful views and everything was just mind blowing.
Anyhow, I wanted to share some jewelry with you that I bought. Just off the coast of Venice there are little islands which are also very popular. Murano is about 15 minutes away from the main island and it specializes in glass blowing. We took a trip there one day and got to see them actually create the glass. I also got a chance to just wander about and can I just say the amount of shops selling different Murano glass was mind blowing. I'm pretty sure the majority of it was just glass shops and they were all one of a kind.
Anyhow, they also sold some beautiful jewelry which I couldn't resist. I also tried to go for colours that would suit my eye colour (which is green/brown) so that's browns, blues and golds.

I've got another Venice post planned so ill try to post that at some point next week as soon as I've finished editing all my pictures. It'll be a little insight into Venice ;)
I hope you enjoyed this post and appreciate this beautiful jewelry as much as I do.
Thanks for stopping by, Dom x

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