November 22, 2015

Makeup Revolution | Current Fave Brand

Hello my lovelies!
How is everyone on this fine day? So who wants to talk makeup? I've got my current favourite makeup brand for you today. I'll talk about quality and price and how to get it. Also next week there shall be a Venice post (or a couple) ;)
So to start of I'll talk about quality since you don't want to be spending your money on something that just isn't going to be that great. I currently own 2 palettes and a highlighter, I'll start with the palettes. Makeup Revolution have currently released lots of palettes ( I want to say hundreds but I'm sure that's just me getting excited). They have a big range of colours which to be honest makes it harder to pick. The colours are also very pigmented. I normally try and prime my eyelids to make the eyeshadow last longer however when I don't the colour still stays on all day. At the end of the day the colours only slight fade (and I mean really slightly). I use this palette for going out too (silver and black shades) and the colour stays on all night. Another thing is that its really buildable. For a stronger shade I sometimes wet the brush and apply the shade then which makes it slightly creamy but then you can build it up and finish off with a dry brush. The highlighter again is very pigmented! I meant you don't expect it so  you just swirl your brush in it and apply and pow! So a tip, just use it with care. The colour is a really lovely shade and really brings attention to some areas like the cheeks.
Moving on to prices. Here's the website for more products and prices. The reason why I started to buy Makeup Revolution products was because I always just saw it in Superdrug and due to me being cheap as hell I always went for that rather than Revlon for example (no hate, still love Revlon hehe). I always saw the lipsticks and powders for £1 and it doesn't get any better than that. Anyhow both of the palettes were £4 each. For the amount of shades that is an amazing price. Makeup Revolution have also been recently releasing similar palettes for £6 which include dupe of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I'd also recommend following them on instagram because you'll see the new products sooner (can I just say they've brought out a new range of brushes! I know! They're so adorable). Makeup Revolution has also made a lot of ready made gift sets for christmas so if anyone has started their Christmas shopping yet and they want a nice little set of lipsticks, why not head to Superdrug. Also I saw a makeup calendar! I want it so bad! I think I'm going to do a Christmas wishlist post, I just feel like it would be super fun to write about.
Anyhow, thanks for reading, Dom x


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