November 21, 2015

Bourjois Bronzing Powder & Highlighter Review

Hiya! I've just got a quick post for you all. I'm also currently writing from Venice. We're on our way back but I shall be posting something about that soon. Anyhow here's a review for y'all.
I don't know whether you guys noticed but I've just been crazy about getting that perfect contour since I started blogging. I think it became popular in 2014 but since then the beauty industry started coming out with their own highlighter and bronzer products and the bloggers have been talking about it since then. But what is good and what is just a rip off?
I must say I'm probably the cheapest person you'll find. I buy things because they're cheap not necessarily looking at the quality. Nonetheless I didn't just want to end up buying a cheap contour palette on amazon (eg this), I wanted to buy something that would work for me. Not that going cheap is bad, believe me I choose that option 9/10 times however I guess I just wanted something that would be more effective.
Considering that my foundation ran out I made a trip to Boots to buy a new one. I ended up deciding to buy the healthy mix serum (which was the wrong shade but that's not the point). The only reason I bought this was because they had some deal on. I'm not too sure what it was exactly but buying this contour kit would only cost me £4 if I bought it with the foundation. Anyhow I've heard some good things about this and after swatching it in Boots I thought i'll give it a go.
Basically I wasn't impressed. I really like the bronzer as it smells really nice and my makeup brush picks it up really well. The shade is very natural but it's also buildable so you could make it stronger if you wanted. The highlighter on the other hand did nothing for me. To start off my brush couldn't actually pick any of it up, if anything the hightlighter started changing colour (I admit my brush wasn't totally clean then). After scratching into it (so that it would be a loose powder rather than pressed powder) my brush finally picked some product up and after putting a lot of it on my cheeks I finally noticed a difference. I still use in never the less but I'm going to say that I probably won't be repurchasing this duo again.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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