November 15, 2015

Bargain Boots

Don't you just love charity shops!
I'd like to share a fairly recent purchase from the Nottinghamshire Hospice. I'm going through a boot/heel phase right now so when I saw these I knew I had to get them. Can I just say that these bad boys were £3.99! I know right! The only issue is that the heel is fairly big which makes them slightly uncomfortable after wearing for a while. But I'm sure I'll live through the pain. Talking about the Nottinghamshire Hospice! Have you seen my Fave Charity shop post last week? I think you should hehe.
I think these booties are amazing because they will make any outfit that more chic and it'll make me look like I'm trying when I'm not really hehe. Oli doesn't really like them but I think they're perfect. Well if only they were more comfortable. I wonder why someone gave them away, and in such good condition. I sometimes think about things like that. What's their story? Just something on my mind every now and then.
Anyhow, can I just say that I'm going to Venice on Tuesday! I know crazy! I think I'm going through a slight dilemma because I actually don't know what to take with me. It might flood there so I can only think wellies but then what other shoes can I wear? Is this what Venetians have to go through too? The decision of whether or not you can get away with wearing boots or heels. Although that probably won't be the best idea considering we'll be walking all day. Any Venice fashion tips anyone?
I also started packing on Friday. I know I think I'm a little too excited. But how can you not be! I'll probably be blogging about this experience when I get back hehe. Well I'll see you when I get back (also I might do another sneaky post during the week ;)), have a great week everyone!
Thanks for reading, Dom x


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