October 25, 2015

Sugar Skull Tutorial | Halloween Makeup

Happy Halloween everyone!
Okay we still have a week but we all know that everyone is preparing for it now.
I have a sugar skull makeup tutorial for you today and I do warn you that this post might be a bit long but I have nearly 40 images to show you.

To start of I moisturize the face so everything blends easier ad doesn't dry out your face. Then I dab some neon white face paint (end of post) all over my face and blend with a makeup brush. This gives me a base which I can build up by adding more white face paint.

After the whole face is covered I dab some translucent powder to set everything in place.
I then put some white face paint using Smiffy's palette just to make the white bolder and less see through.
Once the face is done I moved onto the eyes. Using the purple in the palette I outlined my eyes going on the lid and all the way up to the eyebrow. (I did however go too low with this, which meant I didn't have as much room for decoration later)
Once you've coloured the eyes, using an eyeliner brush and the black face paint outline the colour.
Then I moved onto decorating the eyes a little. Using the eyeliner brush again I painted little petals around the eyes making them look a little like flowers.
The nose shape isn't really that important. It's not meant to look realistic so I'd say just go crazy with it but that's the shape that I've done. Again it's using the same brush and the same paint palette.
So moving onto the teeth. Starting from the mouth I painted a line up which went along my cheekbone (basically where you contour). Once both sides are painted you move on to the teeth and the best way to do this is star in the middle of your mouth and work your way out.
Now the fun part! You can add any decorations to the face. Any flowers or swirls will do. I started off with drawing a flower on my forehead and chin (don't judge I know it didn't turn out right but it still works). I then did some swirls and dots to fill the space a little.

You can then add some colour so main colour is green and I've just put that into the petals on my eyes and the flowers.

To give the face some more dimension I used some eye shadow on the eyes and petals. For the eyes I used the single purple eye shadow and for the petals I used the green shades in the palette.

 To make the teeth look a little more scary I used that same purple shade and put it on the inner part of my mouth and along the teeth line.

Finally to finish off the look I dabbed some blush on the apples of my cheeks.

Here are all the products that I used: Smiffy's Make-up FX Grease paint palette, Star gazer Neon Colour in Neon White, Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids vs Unicorns, Makeup Revolution Mono Eye shadow in the shade Insomnia, Rimmels Powder blush in the shade 004 Pink Rose.
And voilĂ ! Thats my sugar skull halloween makeup. Hope you guys liked this look, if so let me know and I'd love to see any halloween looks that you have so show me on Twitter or Instagram.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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