October 04, 2015

Autumn Cosy Blanket Look | Styling the Blanket Cape

It's October!
Time to get the Halloween decorations out! And buy our Christmas presents. Well, that's what the shops seem to suggest at least.
I've been very busy recently as Art Foundation can get quite hectic with all the workload. Nonetheless I have made some time to whip up a quick post (I've been a bit cheeky and used the college camera for this shoot... it's way better than my phone).
So yes, I have an autumnal fashion post for you all. I must admit I don't really dress according to the weather. It can be snowing and ill still wear a dress. Nonetheless I still like to stay cosy whenever I can, especially during this season when the weather can drop drastically. So here's a way that I styled my mums blanket cape.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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