October 11, 2015

Arty Farty | Nottingham Contemporary : Alien Encounters Launch Night

Another Arty Farty feature!
I went to the Nottingham Contemporary on Friday. I don't always go to these types of events as I must say, I don't understand a lot of the work there. It's probably because it's very modern and sometimes doesn't convey obvious messages. In this case I didn't get a lot of it either but hey, it was a good night with Oli and I got a free cocktail. It's also a good opportunity to meet some important people. I also saw some Surface Gallery people which was really nice. I used to volunteer there a few months ago.
Anyhow I love art but I guess I prefer it when the art has a more defining message. I can appreciate the more modern art yet I guess I just want my art to have a narrative in some way. Conveniently enough, It's also something I'm struggling with now. Next week at college it's Fine Art week and we have to create an installation related to a place which conveys a message or has some type of narrative. I was thinking of doing video as it's something that I really enjoy but that's as far as I've gotten. I really like Bill Viola's work which is what brought me to do video in A level. Any inspiration though? I need to create some deep art hehe.

The exhibition in general was quite interesting. I particularly liked the yellow room with all the headphones hanging from the ceiling playing jazz and the photograph which looked 3D through a lens (although you can't really see it on the photograph). The art was really confusing nonetheless but I think that's probably my fault. I find it hard to understand messages in art. Lastly I wanted to mention the band United Vibrations which everyone loved! (Don't forget to check them out on youtube!) Before the band started to play me and Oli tried too guess what type of music they'd play and we were pleasantly surprised. Needless to say I was not expecting a saxophone on stage. The band's music really fitted into the theme of Alien Encounters and created a really good atmosphere in the room. The music brought the night to a good ending (we didn't stay till the end). Thanks for reading, Dom x


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