September 20, 2015

Healthy Studying Snack | Greek Style Yoghurt

After being busy for 2 weeks straight I somehow managed to make some time to write a blog post. Plan was that I was meant to do an autumn smokey eye tutorial however due to my only free time being very early in the morning, I had to do it about 7 in the morning. I've learned that at 7am the lighting is terrible. Therefore that's hopefully going to happen next week and now I've got a pre-started post (as you can probably tell from the September issue of Vogue... or not). 
I've been trying to get more organised and procrastinate less which means stop binging tv series and maybe get on with my college work. My course is very fast paced and every week we're doing something different so if I fall behind it all just piles on. I'm starting my third week at college tomorrow and I've got so much to do already. 
But today I'm writing about healthy snacking. I think this would be great for students. You need some brain food to keep you going (but something that's not making the bum grow). I love to snack and I love chocolate and all things unhealthy but its nice sometimes to just eat something that doesn't make you feel guilty or bloated. 
What you'll need:

  • Greek Style Yoghurt
  • Sunflower seeds

that's it... really.
Greek style yoghurt has a lot of protein in it which makes you feel full faster. It can be part of a healthy diet but personally I just think it's great to snack on while doing work. Especially when you keep opening the sweets cupboard and every time there's nothing there. How about you reach for a quick yoghurt? And it takes seconds to make!
All you do is scoop some into a bowl and pour in some sunflower seeds to give it a richer flavour. And you have a healthy snack!
Here's some more info about Greek Style Yoghurt and why it can be better than normal yoghurt.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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