September 13, 2015

Fashion Fashion Fashion! | Birmingham Fashion Week

Hello my lovelies!
It's Quirky Sunday time! Sorry that it's so late but I didn't get much time during the week to write so this is very last minute. Today I'm sharing my first ever fashion show experience. I apologize for the slightly bad quality pictures.
Last week me and Oli went to the Birmingham International Fashion Show. Now for a first time experience it wasn't bad however I think I just had very high hopes for it.
The day was wonderful to start off, we got there around 1pm so we had about 5 hours to wonder as the doors opened at 6. We visited the library (which was huge!), had lunch and just wondered down some streets. But first, here's the outfit. It was a very long and stressful process (and I still wasn't happy with it, I even had two tops just in case I wanted to change).

We got to the hotel and the night began. Here's me with all the sponsors for the event, I thought you need a pic with these things as it seems professional. We saw some designers that were decent but not really breath taking. There was a designer which designed over sized shoes for women and they were decent. 

The highlight of the night nonetheless was seeing Talk Becky Talk, a fellow blogger. Obviously more experienced than me which made it so great. I've never been to an event where blogging was discussed. It seems that a lot of bloggers attended the event which meant that people had a lot of  questions for her. I must say I did get my notepad at some point and started making notes on what she was saying. It was so helpful! I was so desperate to talk to her and after Oli persuaded me to go over I said hello and got a sneaky picture. 

I'll move on to the workshop now which was very confusing. There was meant to be a keynote speaker discussing the 'impact of abuse in fashion systems' however the tittle of the whole talk was confusing to begin with and I'm speaking on behalf of pretty much everyone. The talk began with three girls discussing their experience with fashion for example after finishing university one of the girls has been giving out CV's everywhere with no reply. I was as confused as you probably are. Eventually one of the press girls asked what the 'abuse' is and what fashion systems are. Basically the speaker was trying to get across how there's an abuse to the creativity. I'm not really sure, the whole thing didn't really make sense.

Once that finished there was a bloggers event in the VIP lounge (which I was so upset I couldn't go to as we only had general tickets). During that time we went out and looked at some stands and clothes. We looked at the stand for Vernez which is an app to create collages of clothes. I found that so fascinating! Obviously there are plenty apps out there that do similar things but on this one you can shop and know what to wear that item with. The girl that created it was lovely (and had an awesome fashion sense). I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

After noticing that there isn't enough press/VIP people to fill the front row everyone could move to the front row, another sign that the whole thing wasn't as popular as I thought it would be (anyhow, now I could take better pictures with my not so professional phone camera). Mary Hunter had a wedding dress line which had some really good pieces. They looked lovely on the models and the fabric flowed with them as they walked by. 

The show was followed by a 'makeup masterclass'. To be fair I was expecting this to be a much smaller scale thing. I was expecting a stand where you could see close up because I was really looking forward to this. Contouring has been a popular makeup technique and its been something that I have been trying to master although I must say this master class wasn't that helpful. Sitting this distance from the makeup artist meant that it was hard to see where she was applying the makeup. There was a speaker explaining what was happening but again, I believe it's something you have to see. To finish this off, here are some pieces which I really liked by Maliha.  

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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