August 06, 2015

I'm Getting Organised

Hello my lovelies!
I had a very chill day today and I wanted to finish it of with a post. 
All day I've been looking at blog stuff like post ideas, design tips etc. Although I tried to make some changes I think the only thing I accomplished was moving my header to the center. Not very exciting but hey I'm learning.
I also spent the day watching Orange Is The New Black (which i'm loving right now). I'm currently on season 2 and I don't really want to get to the end of season 3 because I like the idea that I can just click 'next episode'. So that's what I've been binge watching for the past few weeks, let me know what you guys are watching. I need something to watch when I finish OITNB. 
I also went to IKEA today! 
I love IKEA! If only I had longer to wander around because I always end up wanting to look at everything while mum is trying to get across to the other side of IKEA and I'm trying to catch up.
Anyhow, I've been wanting to get a bit more organised recently (since I'm terrible at it, just ask my mum). 
Since my recent interest in makeup I've been hoarding quite a bit of it without knowing how to store things for example my lipsticks.
I got two of these white boxes at IKEA and decided to make them work somehow. I ended up sitting there for 3 hours creating little slot boxes for each lipstick. I know, I'm terrible, I always have to make everything hard  for myself. It worked... a bit I guess. I don't really own many lipsticks but I thought I can always build my collection. 
I'll probably try and do some DIY's at some point. I'm just always really bad with things like that because I always manage to find the hardest possible way to do anything... which isn't much help for anyone.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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