July 29, 2015

Outfit Of The Day: Wroclaw Trip

 Hello my lovelies!
 It's outfit of the day time! 
 Finally I had the opportunity to take some fashiony pictures (or I had Oli take them).
 So this is the outfit! I recently bought a couple of things so this outfit is pretty much everything new. I'll go into the details then.
I have here the chunky wooden hoop earrings which I got from Claire's on sale for £1 (BARGAIN!). Then the choker I got from Primark a while ago for £3.

 Then the skirt that I bought just before I came to Poland with Oli. It's from Primark and it cost £10. By the way thanks mummy for getting me it. I love it so much. I've seen a lot of people wearing these types of skirts, mostly in denim, so I thought this one was a nice twist to the denim version.

 These shoes were a massive bargain! I love a good bargain and walking into Shoe Factory was a dream come true. They only cost me £3.99... I know right. In the past few days they have been my go to shoes as they go with EVERYTHING and they just give the outfit a little extra pizzazz. 

Thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x

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