July 18, 2015

I've made a discovery!

Hello everybody! 
So I'm writing today about a face care discovery I made (well not really, it's just something I found that I never knew existed).

I realise it sounds a little weird and you may be thinking 'ummm okay why is she making such a big deal about it?' but honestly I'm not kidding, it creates wonders!
I love having a smooth face and even though it's not extremely dry, I still like the idea of a baby smooth skin. Anyway, after getting into beauty YouTubers, I've been trying out day creams, primers etc. I mean I did notice a difference with all of these however after trying the Garnier Smoothing Toner I was speechless.
Toners are basically there to help close up your pores creating a smooth face. Primers work similarly however imagine using two at the same time! Baby face!
I bought this toner for just over £2 in boots so it's not really a lot of money, I definitely recommend trying it out and just seeing whether it works for you. 
Now I realise some of you might not know when to use this in a skin care routine, especially if you haven't heard of it before. After wiping of my makeup and using a cleanser (totally optional), I usually use my toner then and continue with a face cream. This is just how I do it, other people have different products involved however I think it's a good start at looking after your skin.
Anyhow, thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x


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