July 12, 2015

Hippy Holiday Abroad Fashion

So I'm back from my holiday which was just amazing. I've never been on a family holiday like that so I really enjoyed it. One of the things which I really loved there was the cute little clothing shops they had and the architecture. Nonetheless I'm going to go into the fashion side today. 
The clothing shops seem to differ a lot from say Primark or River Island and have a sort of hippy side to it which I loved. I have heard from other people that my style can be a bit hippy. Personally I don't think it is but that's just because I don't think I have a specific style, it's just what I feel like wearing that day. 
Anyway here are some pictures that I've taken in Majorca to show the style a bit more visually rather than just talk about it.

I fell in love with these shirts. So much pattern which would look great in Spring or Summer. I actually already had a patterned shirt/top on the holiday which I'll probably post at some point (and yes it is my mums. As most of the clothes I wear  - sorry mum)
The 'genies'. Like I said the clothing was on the hippy side which meant that genies were sold everywhere and I must say even my mum bought a pair. They're the most comfortable trousers in the world and who doesn't just want a bit of wind down below on a warm summer day? Well... in England its probably slightly warm but you get the gist. 

The colourful trousers/leggings. I love patterned leggings! I think they can jazz up any simple outfit. You could wear it with a plain white top and you'd still look amazing. 

I'm pretty sure these were some of the dresses and look at them... they're so hippy! The flowy material and the abstract patterns tell you its summer. The materials were awesome because they were very thin which fit the season.
Lastly the displays in my opinion were awesome. The colour coordination and the summery vibe got me in the holiday mood. 
I'm a big fan of colour when it comes to an outfit. I think it makes you seem like a more bright and happy person. I don't know that's just what I think. Anyhow, as you can see the clothes were VERY colourful and summery. The patterns very vibrant and quirky which just made me want to buy everything hehe. 
So after this holiday I think I'm going to challenge myself to find stores or online shops that sell similar clothing. I've also started looking into Korean fashion but that's a whole new topic. My style is very random to be fair. 
I'm also going to share that a bit more because I realize I haven't posted any of my outfits or anything like that yet and I made this blog to share my style. I shall be  doing that soon though. I've got some ideas for creating posts about event outfits or doing an outfit diary of some sort. I'm not sure yet, I'll probably have to look online for some inspiration however I'd love some suggestion. 
Anyhow, thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x


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