July 25, 2015

Call Me Super Sparkle

Hello my lovelies!
Yesterday I went to my friends' superhero themed 18th birthday party (what a mouthful)and I wanted to share my experience.
First of all I'll start off by saying I'm not majorly into superheroes so I didn't know that many. I struggled with the idea of a costume for a while till I babysat two 5 year old and watched the new (newish) barbie film, Super Sparkle. She's basically a superhero who saves people but also a princess. Anyhow I though, I can pull off the outfit quite cheeply.
I think that I pretty much nailed it hehe. I also had pink bits in my hair but it's not very visable. I used some hair chalk (which I'll add that is sold at ridiculous prices now).
So the party was really fun, a little stressful day considering I'm going on holiday on Monday so I had to get last minute things. Then I headed to Charlotte's to do her makeup and make sure her and Jade enjoyed themselves and not stress about little things. 
But it was nice to see everyone from college again since I haven't seen them for at least a month. And I saw Jeremy! I must say I think him being dressed as a nun make the night. Including his 'catholic' dancing. Well that and Hello Tomorrow playing ;)
There was also a photobooth so we took some silly pictures but here's me with Oli then with my bae Holly.

 Thanks for reading everyone, I really appreciate it. QuirkyDom x

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