July 15, 2015

Crown Braid: How To

Hiya my lovelies!
So today I'm writing about how to create a crown braid like this.
I loove this hairstyle and to be honest it doesn't take that long to do, just depends how skilled you are at braiding I guess. 
The hair-do looks quite dressy which can make any casual outfit stand out a bit more. I think its great for summer or spring although I must admit I do wear it all year around. I'm not one to stick to seasons when it comes to clothes, hair or makeup. I mean I can still pull off a dress/skirt in the winter. Just put on some thick tights and you're fine. 
So to start of you want to part your hair in the middle all the way through to the back. I like to put a bobble on one side just to keep it out of the way.
Then you want to start braiding from the back going up, making sure you keep it fairly tight as once you've finished the braids and you're clipping them together its best to have it tight. When you've clipped the braids into place you then can loosen them for a more casual look.
So when you're braiding your hair each time you add more in until you get to the parting. Then you just finish off the braid and put a small bobble on it until you've finished with the other braid.
So then you just do the other side the same way. This is pretty much how it should look when you've finished the braids.
Lastly you just take the braids across and grip them in however you like. I usually pull it up a little bit too because i always feel it's a little too low. Finally you can loosen the braids and pull out some hair on the side. 
So this is the final look.
I hope you guys enjoyed this and that it was helpful. Now go and have an awesome week. Make sure you're having a great summer.
Thanks, QuirkyDom x


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