June 26, 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer Review

My first primer!
After spending hours on Youtube watching countless beauty Youtubers, I have decided to join the primer hype. I've never really used primers as, to be honest, I didn't know their use. Basically, their purpose is to fill your pores in, so when you're putting your makeup on it's on a clean surface. It creates a sort of matte effect and helps to cover any blemishes or imperfections. You apply it after a moisturizer, if you use any, if not just dab some on before applying any makeup. However a primer can be used on its own too. Another good thing is a toner which I haven't tried yet although next pay I'm planning on investing in one. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, because I'm on a tight budget recently, due to paying for 2 holidays (updates soon), I went for the cheaper option rather than the better quality primers. I got this primer in Boots for £6.99 which is pretty much an average price, although the better ones are closer to £10. 
The primer has a creamy texture which was a downside to me. As a start off point I wanted to try creamy primers to see how effective they are in comparison to the silicone based ones, so the slippery gel ones. Nonetheless by swatching a silicone based one on my hand, I think I'd prefer these primers as it gives you a really baby smooth skin.
The Rimmel primer was still good nonetheless. It smoothed in my face however I felt that I had to apply more to see a big difference. With primers you're not meant to use a big amount as they're meant to give a smooth effect through blending a blodge in your most needed areas, for me its around my nose, chin and forehead. 
However, if you're on a tight budget or  just don't want to spend much on it as you're just trying them out, like me, this one would be great for you. You still get a smoother skin than by just applying a cream or anything like that. I hope this helped, let me know whether it did or whether this was completely irrelevant, I don't know, I hope it did hehe

Thanks, QuirkyDom x


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