July 30, 2018

Overcoming a Creative Rut

We all get the occasional creative rut every now and then. Or if you're like me, every day, but who's counting aye. I haven't posted for a few weeks now because life got in the way with work placement, my mum getting married and a bunch of other excuses. Nonetheless I haven't felt creative in a long time. I ran out of ideas, motivation and the spark that makes you feel like you're onto something great.

I'm here today to share the pain with my fellow creatives and give my best tips on overcoming this dreadful time in your life. I've been trying really hard to deal with this problem as I really need some insight coming into third and final year at uni. I want to end with a bang and make the best work that I have ever made and just generally be proud of myself. Am I aiming too high?
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