November 07, 2016

Is the fashion industry broken?

When you think about the fashion industry, you imagine glamour, beautiful garments and that model lifestyle. Today I want to talk about that same industry and discuss whether it is actually corrupt.

I recently watched the documentary 'The Illusionists', which focuses on the globalisation of beauty ideals. The documentary is an expose on the everyday marketing in the fashion and beauty industry. It comes to the conclusion that the whole industry is constructed on self hatred. We have the skin bleaching in the east, tanning in the west, everything is built targeting our insecurities. But don't worry, there are products for that. Don't get me wrong, I definitely still get consumed by all of this. I started to use pore minimising products recently because Youtubers say that they're vital to a flawless complexion. But what even are pores? Why can they not be visible? Without sounding too harsh, we all get caught up in it, there's no way of avoiding it. You just have to keep in mind that someone has constructed these images and there's always an agenda.

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