April 24, 2016

5 Day Jeans Trial

Everyone has their own style. Some people feel most comfortable in jeans, some prefer to wear skirt or shorts on a day to day basis. I definitely fit into the second option. Up until last week, I owned one pair of jeans which were more like jeggings than anything. I definitely feel more comfortable in loose clothing, leggings or dresses. I feel like I can move more freely and do anything that I want. I've always steered clear of denim. I found it really uncomfortable and it just limited my movement.

After really getting into fashion and reading through tons of blogs I found that I really liked the way some bloggers styled their jeans. I really wanted to invest in a pair and see whether they can be something that I can wear on a day to day basis, and what better way to test that out than wearing it for 5 days straight. I bought these jeans last week at Cow. They're high-waisted and super loose, so basically perfect for me. You don't even understand how hard the process of buying these was for me. I happen to have an odd waist shape. My legs are a size 10 but the bum and waist is a size 12. It's just such a struggle to buy anything. Anyhow, I managed to find these and honestly, these were the only pair in the shop that fit me.

Day 1

For the first day I finally wanted to try the simple white t-shirt and jeans look. As silly as it sounds, I've never been able to pull this look off with just leggings or something similar that. I paired my vintage mum jeans with a plain white loose t-shirt and a black belt. I also wore my pleather black boots to give that classy touch to my look.

Day 2

It's day 2 and paired my jeans with a stripy loose b&w shirt. I got this shirt from a charity shop a while ago for maybe a pound and I really wasn't sure about these sleeves but I really like them now. I used to roll them up really high because they just seemed really chunky and like they got in the way but hey seeing bloggers style them now I'm glad I've got it. I've also got my new fave sunglasses here. I bought them from Tiger and I love them so much. I love the blue tint they give and the shape of them. They just seem really new and on trend. 

Back to the jeans. At this point I'm starting to see the benefits and disadvantages of them. Because they are so loose, I have to wear them with a belt which can get really uncomfortable, especially when you're sat down. It just sort of digs into you. I'm an art student which involves a lot of movement and running around printing things or taking pictures etc. I think that's one of the reasons why I would chose comfort more likely than style. Or in my case, I try really hard to have the two balanced. 

Day 3


April 17, 2016

Mummy's Makeover

Hello my lovelies!
I don't know if  you remember, back in December I did my Granny's makeover and it was so fun to do. If you haven't seen it the link is just here. Today I've got my mum's makeover for you. Now I'm not saying I'm a professional at this but its just something fun to do isn't it. Plus if you're passionate about something you should just practice it all the time.
So this whole thing came actually from my mum, I've already asked to do her make up but she didn't really want me to do it. When she suggested it I was really surprised but hey ho, I've got a new blog post!

Now I don't normally do other people's makeup so when you get to it you see that it's actually really hard. Most of the time you're just trying not to scare them or put anything in their eye. My least favourite is doing the mascara. That sucker is so hard to do! What are the supposed to do?! Look up? Look down? I don't even know. I think it's really good practice either way. Who said makeup isn't an art form? I think it's so hard, but I'm determined to learn.

I think it's interesting when you see on Instagram people doing their makeup and it seems so effortless and you think I can do that but when it comes to it you have no idea how to perfectly blend these two shades together. You can blend all you want but these eyes just aren't gonna be perfect.

To start off, I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum all around the face and moving down to the neck slightly. I then used the NYX Dark Circles concealer under the eyes and on some blemishes on the face to even out the complexion. My mum has quite a pink complexion so I wanted to use more yellow shades to even out the colours. To set everything in place I used the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder all over the T zone and focusing on setting the under eye area as well as the lid. To bronze the face I used the Bourjouis bronzing powder just under the cheekbones and a little on the forehead. To prep for the eyeshadow, I used the Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo in the shade Creme De Nude all over the lid and a little bit under the eyes to make sure the shade doesn't smudge and stay in place all day.

April 10, 2016

3 Easy Spring Hairstyles

Hello my lovelies!
Long time no see! I somehow haven't posted for nearly a week and I'm kinda feelin' the pressure for this post to be good. I really want my content to be creative and just top notch quality rather than just posting anything out that won't be that good. So that's why there was no Photography Friday this week. 

Anyhow, today I've got 3 easy hairstyles ready for the spring season. I'm getting really inspired with the nice weather and it's made me experiment with my hair a bit more. I've been trying to find inspiration myself for different hairstyles but all of them seemed to involve more elaborate things like plaits with buns and stuff like that. These 3 do's that I've got here are super easy and they only take a few minutes to do. 

1. The Twirl

This look is a cute romantic do. I think it's super cute and really carefree. It gives you something different from the everyday boring hair. I've been having mine down quite a bit recently as my hair has been super curly and I just love it. Although after having it down so much it got a bit boring so this do gave it that fresh style. 
So to start off make sure you have a middle parting. Then grab a little piece at the tip of your head, twist till the end and pin back. Once it's in place, tug along the twirl to create a loose, more casual effect. Repeat on the other side and voilĂ , that's the twirl for you.

2. The Halfsy

Now I call this the Halfsy because it a half up ponytail. Yep, that's me right there trying to be original. Anyway, when I first had my hair cut short I used to do this hair all the time. When you're used to long hair that can be pulled back to a pony tail, to it being too short to fit into one, this look is a life saviour. I've just made it look more done by adding a nice scrunchy over the pony tail. 
To achieve this super simple do,  place your thumbs at the tips of your eyebrows, run it through the hairline grabbing the top half of your hair in a ponytail. Basically how it looks in that picture^ hehe. And that's pretty much it. Don't forget the scrunchy though!

3. The Boxer Braids

 I think people call this the boxer braids... maybe? I've changed it a bit to suit me though hehe. So this is probably the trickiest one out of the 3 but I'm really good/fast at braids so I guess it just depends whether you can do them or not.
So again start with a middle parting and separate one side with a bobble so it doesn't get in the way. Then you need to start off doing a reverse braid. When you reach the end of your head, essentially when it starts to leave your head, put a booble in it. Normally I'd finish it till the end but I really like this version of it. It looks like you've got cute little pony tails and who doesn't want that?

So thaaat is everything today. Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you liked the hair do's.

Dom x


April 01, 2016

On Living in a Village | Photography Friday

I've lived in a village for the past 5 years at least (I think it's more though) and the time before that I lived in an area which was really far from the centre. I've always said that I hated it. I mean, living far included waking up a ridiculous times in the morning to get to school on time, leaving the house at least an hour or 2 before the time you made plans with your friends etc. And all that money on bus cards. I literally have to have 2 bus cards now because the main bus company doesn't go to my village. 

Now that I've grown up a bit, I've learned to accept it and just deal with it. I've just accepted that that's how it is. That doesn't mean I'm not super excited for when I move out for university though. I'll be living near town and I'll be able to cycle everywhere because I'll finally have footpaths! I definitely think living far made me resent the countryside a bit more. It's made me more of a city person. I think when I get older and get my own place I'll probably want to live in the centre. I love being surrounded by people. Especially in London. Every time I visit everyone is so kind and there's so much to do. I guess I just prefer that to being on my own without much to do.

Another thing about living in the village, there's never anyone around! It's always so deserted. You just get the occasional jogger running past you or a kid walking home. The kids there aren't really nice either. I don't have any friends there as it's not the nicest area for young people. You just get the occasional chavs by the shops. I mean you try to be friends with them but you literally have nothing in common with them. Anyhow, that ended bad so I just have friends now that live closer to town.

I guess the biggest factor that makes you accept the fact you live far from everyone are the views. There's a road going out of my village that has the nicest view. In the morning the sunrise comes up from the fields and when the sun sets you get beautiful colourful clouds and all I want to do is take a trip there one day and just paint the view.

Anyhow, that's it for today, I won't be posting on Sunday because I posted on Wednesday. It gives me a little extra to come up with some creative content for next week so hopefully that will be good.

Thanks for reading, Dom x
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