February 28, 2016

Red Carpet Look | Date Night with The Black Tux

Hello my lovelies!

This week I've got the Red Carpet Look for the woman and the gents. I wanted to create a Red Carpet Look featuring some outfits from The Black Tux, a website that services in tuxedo and suit rentals, therefore I've decided to do my own take on it and I've styled the beautiful Holly in some dresses which I think could work for the event. To tie the whole thing together I will also be showing 'the date's look' which will be some of the suits from The Black Tux.
For the first look I went for a classic red dress which is a bit more casual then dressed up. Recently there have been more casual stylings at these types of events which still looked very polished and stylish. You can still look formal without a massive gown. The dress is also from Asos, it's actually Holly's dress which we used for this shoot. For the makeup I went for a bold red lip to complete the look and used the Naked 2 palette for the eyeshadows. The date is wearing a beautiful black velvet suit from The Black Tux. This is one of my favourite suits which I was sent the images of. It has that classiness and the velvet makes the look new and fresh.

The second look I went for a navy blue colour palette. The dress is layered and pleated which looks amazing when you're on the go as the dress moves in such a lovely way. It's definitely a more formal look than the red dress which gives the event that classiness if that's what you'd prefer. The dress is from River Island although I did get it from a charity shop. For the date's look I chose a lovely navy suit paired with a black bow tie. I think it would look great with the dress as they compliment each other and the touch of black gives it that classy feel. 

Now, my favourite look. I just love these images. The flowiness of the dress, the polished wavy hair and lastly the makeup. The weather was pretty windy and yes, Holly did get really cold but hey we got these beautiful shots of the dress, so it was worth it right? hehe. Personally, I think this dress is the most suited to the event out of the three dresses. I feel like I'd be a very girly girl if I had to go to a red carpet event. I like to dress up so this dress would be perfect because of the movement of it when you walk and it's just so feminine. Paired with some heels, it's a perfect match. Speaking of a match, the date is wearing a classy grey suit. I think these would suit each other as the grey suit doesn't clash with the dress and gives it that time to wow everyone, while still looking smart himself. The black tie goes well with the lovely shoes and I feel like it completes his look. 

So that's it for today, I've had so much fun doing this post. It was my first time working with anyone on my blog so I didn't know how to approach this but I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope you lot enjoyed this too and let me know what you thought. I'd love to get any feedback even if it's bad.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


February 21, 2016

Valentine's Day Trip to London

Hello my lovelies!
I realise that Valentine's Day was last week but I just wanted to share some stuff that I did on the day. So me and my boyfriend took a trip to London and basically spent 2 whole days there. I decided to record the trip as a nice memory in video rather than taking pictures of everything. Here's a little video of what we go up to.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

February 19, 2016

Photography Friday | Trend Inspiration | Ruffles, Stripes and all that

A little different today, I'm looking at some previous pictures I've got however due to the Fashion weeks going on at the moment I wanted to keep it in that theme. Looking at the recent trends from the Spring/Summer collections I've gone through some images which inspired me for the upcoming fashion seasons. 

A major trend is the pastely frills which have been seen in the Spring/Summer collections in September by designers such as Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli. The whole collection started of a theme of femininity and embracing confidence in oneself. I think it's great that we can look at fashion is such a confident way and be able to express ourselves in any way that we want.

The second trend that I've been loving is the stripes. Looking through my clothes it seems like I already have a pretty decent collection of it. I have so many tops with monochrome stripes however the new refreshed trend features vivid and bold colours. Seen by Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Roksanda and Jonathan Saunders
Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/fashion/550957/ss16-fashion-trend-report-the-best-women-s-fashion-trends-for-spring-2016.html#cMoyCPQt6qV1R7xh.99


I don't know about you guys but I'm so excited for Spring and Summer. Fashion wise but also I'm just excited about getting rid of this horrible English weather and hopefully get some sun.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

February 14, 2016

Classic Valentine's Day Look | Naked 2 Palette

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
It's time to celebrate love (I know, I'm so cheesy). But seriously, whether you're in a relationship or not, I think people should celebrate it. I personally am in a relationship but if I wasn't I'd still dress up and do stuff. I think love starts with yourself. It's very important to love and appreciate oneself before letting anyone else love you. Why not celebrate yourself? Even better, celebrate the loved ones in your life like your friends of family. Get glammed up and go out with your mates for cocktails or get your mum some flowers.


February 12, 2016

Photography Friday | Nature Inspiration

Here's this weeks Photography Friday. I'm going with a naturey theme, it's probably influenced yet again by a college project. I'm looking at flowers and the Sping/ Summer 2016 collections. Also I love me some tulips hehe. Well, I say that but my favourite flowers are probably lillies. I just really like their shape and how delicate they look. What's your favourite flower? Do you have any attatchments to flowers or smells?

Thanks for reading, Dom x

February 07, 2016

On Confidence

Hello my lovelies!
Today I wanted to talk about something that I've been thinking a lot about recently. At college, I've been doing a project based on the theme of confidence which made me think about it in a lot of detail. I wanted to look at it from a fashion perspective so I looked into magazines, famous fashion quotes and it showed an overall feeling that fashion IS confidence. It's about how much you pursue that confidence by what you wear. Fashion is there for people to express themselves without speaking Nonetheless, it became a surprise to me at how much people lack it. I undertook a questionnaire asking people:
  • What does confidence mean to you? 
  • What makes you confident? 
  • What makes you feel uncomfortable? 
  • What’s the favourite part of your body?  
  • What do you like about your face? 
  • What is beauty to you? 
  • What do you think about before you put on your clothes? 
  • Why do you chose the colours you wear? 
  • What made you chose your top this today? 
  • Who is your style icon?  
  • Why? 
  • How important are looks to you? 
  • Do you feel confident with the clothes that you wear ?


February 06, 2016

Belated Photography Friday

My excuse is, it was my birthday yesterday hehe
Anyhow, I went on a really nice walk with Oli and I took some really nice pictures. It was a lovely woods area which I always wanted to go to. I pretty much live in a village so woods is all I get around me. I loved how even though it was freezing and raining you could see the first signs of spring coming.

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