January 31, 2016

Sweater Weather Styling

Jumper-Primark £12

Jumper-Matalan £8
Pleather Trousers-Select Fashion £8

January 29, 2016

Photography Friday

A new feature on my blog. I shall try to post on Friday's as well as Sunday's with an inspirational photo of the week. I'm developing an interest in photography and I recently got a new camera so I'm just learning how to use it. I'll be posting my own images and hopefully this will work. I struggle a little to create amazing creative posts for Sunday's so I'm not sure how this will go down but hopefully it'll motivate me to learn more about photography.
I've taken this image on Monday or Tuesday during sunrise because I live really far, therefore getting to college for half 9 means getting a bus to town at 7:50. You probably saw people posting these pictures on Snapchat on Instagram that day. Anyhow, I'm really happy with how this turned out, it kinda looks like Africa or somewhere really hot (fyi it was freezing that day). The second image was taken on the bus so the light is actually a reflection but I still love it. It really inspired me for the week and I really wanted to share it with people because I'm really proud of it hehe. It was a great moment taking these images and it just made me feel so peaceful and infinite (cheeky Perks moment there).
Don't forget to tune in on Sundays for an extra post.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

January 24, 2016

Japanese Kit Kats Review

Hello my lovelies!
So for Christmas, I received these random flavoured kit kats and I really wanted to write about them. It's a little different to the beauty and fashion posts but hey ho. I have here the strawberry and the green tea flavoured kit kats. I feel like any sweets that have these unusual flavours seem to be the most amazing thing ever, it's like so hipster hehe. Have you noticed that you can find pretty much any of these popular sweets in the flavour green tea which sounds amazing but can I just say, most of the time it's not. Recently I went to London and for some reason we thought it would be a great idea to get green tea flavoured Oreos... let's just say it wasn't. The Oreos reminded us of bread in flavour and smell. I know, not expecting to eat bread but that's as close as it gets to explaining it.
I tried the green tea flavoured ones first and they were alright to begin with. They were eatable but weren't amazing. They seemed to taste really bland and not at all flavourful. This is coming from a major tea lover. I normally love green tea but in sweets, I think it's a whole different thing. I'll probably still eat them as I've got tons of them left (I had an extra big bag of this flavour alongside the box) but they just weren't my fave. I think I'll prefer an actual cup of green tea.
The strawberry ones tasted better. They were sweet and tasted very milky. I actually really liked these ones. They weren't as flavourful as I probably would have liked them to be but I could see myself eating these more often.
My only issue was that they were so small. In each box (as you can see in the picture) you get 3 individual little packets of them, so that's 6 little kit kats since there's 2 in each. Nonetheless, I liked how on the back of the boxes (and each packet) you could write a message to someone. I think that in itself shows it's something you would receive as a present rather than picking it up as a snack every day. Well, you could but you see where I'm getting at.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you like these random type posts. 
Dom x


January 17, 2016

90s Silk Dress | Fashion Styling

This is a recent photoshoot that I've done for my portfolio. It's inspired by the trend of the 90s silk dress (as seen on the Feb edition of Vogue). I really like the whole pj vibe that's taken outside which is what inspired me when styling the girls. I also had the access to a great pile of rubbish which was very convenient. It contrasted the whole look which worked really well. Lastly, I love the composition of the colours as they are very vivid.

I want to just say thanks a lot to my wonderful girls! It's been a stressful week trying to get all my portfolio together so thanks for beeing there when I needed help. You all turned out beautiful and there were so many shots that looked amazing and it was honestly so hard to limit them down (I actually had other people delete some shots because I just couln't do it).

Thanks for reading, Dom x

January 10, 2016

Lush Catch up | Haul

Hello my lovelies!
I've got my first ever haul on my blog! I've always wanted to do these but never really knew how to go about this. I never seem to buy things in bunches. I just buy the occasional stuff. I've taken a trip to the Nottingham Lush store recently and purchased a few items which I haven't tried before. Now the catch up is because I haven't actually used any lush goodies in a long while so I felt like I had to go and just splurge so I'm more caught up. 
I've also received some lush goodies for Christmas including the lip products which I'm so excited to use! I generally just buy bath products from lush as that's one of the first things that I ever bought from lush and I guess I've always just stuck with it. My daily bath might have something to do with my favouritism towards strictly bath bombs. I feel like using a bath bomb or bubble bar makes the bath just that bit more luxurious.
I've got: 
1)You've been Mangoed bath oil
2)Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath oil
3)Yoga bath bomb
4)Cinders bath bomb
5)Santa's lip scrub
6)Sun Kissed lip tint
7)Magic Wand bubble bar

I think some of these items are only available during the Christmas season so they might not sell them anymore.
I've already tried a couple of these and I'm so happy with them. My favourite must be the magic wand. It's the first time that I've tried a bubble bar on a stick and it's so fun to use. This bubble bar also tints the bath p ink which I love! I think most bubble bars do but I always use the tiniest bit off it so it never does.
I really like the lip products too. I don't normally use lip scrubs so it was just effort to use it at first but now I think that I like it. At least it tastes good. The lip tint is nice as it's subtle. I'm not one for subtle but on a day when I don't want to wear bright red lip sticks or anything like that I can wear this. There's a selfie on Instagram and I'm wearing it. It kind of made my lips look plumply and I had good make up that day hehe.
So that's it for this haul, I hope you liked it, let me know if you want to see anything like this again. I want to do a clothes haul at some point.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

January 03, 2016

Granny Zosia's Makeover

I've persuaded granny to give her a makeover! My granny is very protective of her privacy so I was really surprised when she agreed. I actually asked my mum about this already but she said I can't do it. Also, let me just say that the bandage on my hand is due to an accident on Christmas Day. Ended up in A&E with 4 stitches. It's alright now but because I'm right handed it's in all the pictures.
Anyhow, granny agreed so I went all professional and set up my tripod ... in the kitchen hehe(which I got for Christmas, I know, so exciting!). It had good lighting! So my granny pretty much gave me the freedom to do anything. She said that she likes makeup a lot, she doesn't wear it a lot but when she does she'll wear eyeshadows and mascara. She wanted to try some more bold lipsticks too.
Here's the before and after. I've done a slight smokey eye for her using silver and black shades. 
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