November 07, 2016

Is the fashion industry broken?

When you think about the fashion industry, you imagine glamour, beautiful garments and that model lifestyle. Today I want to talk about that same industry and discuss whether it is actually corrupt.

I recently watched the documentary 'The Illusionists', which focuses on the globalisation of beauty ideals. The documentary is an expose on the everyday marketing in the fashion and beauty industry. It comes to the conclusion that the whole industry is constructed on self hatred. We have the skin bleaching in the east, tanning in the west, everything is built targeting our insecurities. But don't worry, there are products for that. Don't get me wrong, I definitely still get consumed by all of this. I started to use pore minimising products recently because Youtubers say that they're vital to a flawless complexion. But what even are pores? Why can they not be visible? Without sounding too harsh, we all get caught up in it, there's no way of avoiding it. You just have to keep in mind that someone has constructed these images and there's always an agenda.


October 23, 2016

3 Autumn Looks | Dresses, Cosy Casual & Layers

Hello my lovelies!
Today I've got 3 Autumn looks for you so you can stay nice and cosy. I'm doing a collaboration with Poppy Kay as well so don't forget to check out her blog. She's done her 3 Autumn fashion faves. Her photography and aesthetic is also on point.


October 10, 2016

How to Get Fashion Inspired | Social Media, Films & Books

Hello my lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk about how to get fashion inspiration. I've just started studying fashion marketing and with the build up to my course I basically wanted to get a fashion crash course. What designers do you need to know? What trends? Brands? Also with starting the course you constantly have to be looking for inspiration, whats popular etc.


September 20, 2016

Skincare? Why Bother?

Why do we even bother?

I'll start off by saying that I've never really been into skincare. My skincare regime consisted of using makeup wipes to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I always found it so confusing. Cleansers, toners, serums, primers and so on. What does it actually do? What order do I do them in? Is there actually any need in all this hassle?

September 09, 2016

Sex and The City | TV Faves

Hello my lovelies!
I've always wanted to go into my interest in film and TV on this blog but never managed to integrate it in. So here's a TV monthly favourites! Well over the month of August I've been obsessed with the TV show Sex and The City. It has completely taken over my life and when I'm at work all I can think about is what happens next. Unfortunately I know the ending because I've watched the film a while ago but hey its still interesting to see how it got to it. 

August 15, 2016

Pink Nudes Summer Look | Maybelline Blushed Nudes

Hello my lovelies!
Summer is coming to an end, so I'm trying to embrace it as much as I can before it finishes. Today I've got a pink nudes summer look using, as the tittle suggests, pink shades to create a nice feminine summer look. Now I've been wearing this look quite a bit recently. I am your typical brown shades girl on a day to day basis, but recently I've been pushing myself to try different looks and that's pink, blue or even green eye looks. 

Recently I bought the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette and today I've created a look using just that. Well, that and a bunch of other things to complete the look. 

August 07, 2016

Book Review | The Manifesto on How to be Interesting

The Manifesto on How to be Interesting, Holly Bourne, Usborne, 1st August 2014

Bree is a loser, a wannabe author who hides behind words. But when she's told she needs to start living a life worth writing about, The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting is born. Six steps on how to be interesting. Six steps that will see her infiltrate the popular set, fall in love with someone forbidden and make the biggest mistake of her life.

July 31, 2016

Interrailing Europe | Tips & Vlog

Hello my lovelies!
So I'm back from 2 weeks of interrailing and I thought i'd share some of the experience with you guys. Throughout the trip I've been making some short clips just because I thought it would be so much better to see the experience in video rather than imagery.

For my interrailing trip I wanted to see as many countries as possible, which to be fair I did push a little bit. We ended up going to France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Keeping in mind that we did only have 2 weeks, I know, pushing it. We ended up having a single day in one place, this brings me to my first tip.

Tip 1. Plan enough time for each place
As I said, we definitely didn't do this. I'm the type of person that plans A LOT. I did plan most of this trip and I have no idea what made me think that one day in a place would be enough. It wasn't. Don't get me wrong, we did see a lot of things but when you're restricted with time, there's more pressure to keep doing things with absolutely no breaks. Not even sleeping. Okay we did sleep but definitely not enough.


July 04, 2016

Day to Night | T.M.Lewin Style

Hello my lovelies! 
Today I've got two day and two night formal looks for the lady and the man. In the wedding season spirit, I wanted to create some more formal looks for these special occasions. 

I've been working with T.M Lewin and created some looks which made me think of their style. It reminded me of this ultimate power woman who looks fire in formal attire all day every day. Price wise, the clothes are surprisingly cheap considering the fact that I am the bargain queen. Here's a link to their women's section on the website. The shirts for example are around £20-30 which really isn't that much. 

For the lady's day look I have gone for a very stripey look. They always seem to look more on trend. If ever in doubt, stripe it out. The look is formal but also casual as it's quite loose fitted. The shirt is over sized and the culottes give the look freedom of movement while still looking formal with the cut of the garment. Turns out you can dress formal and be comfortable, who would have thought. 

June 26, 2016

The Curious Case of the Body Hair

Society has built up this image that its sexy to look super smooth. "There are no sexy models with hairy legs". Females from as young as 12 start to get influenced by their friends, family and the media and the issue of body hair is perceived as bad. Eventually us females perceive it as the norm and don't think twice to question it. It's just something we have to do. 

This issue of body hair has been coming up quite a bit in my personal life and it's something that I've grown to have a strong opinion on. It's interesting to see the different opinions people have and how it varies in terms of age. Maybe the trend of shaving is just something that was popular when our parents were growing up? Is it going out of trend? 

I must have started shaving around 11 or 12. In PE there would be girls which would judge you for having hairy armpits or legs and at that age you really just want to be accepted. So I listened and from then on I continuously shaved to conform to the society's norm of a female. I haven't questioned this since then until I've started to grow up and build my own opinions. 

When you're growing up it's your parents that are teaching you to think a certain way, with the society's input of course. However when you start to grow up you get influenced by other things and you can choose which ones you accept and which ones you don't. I guess what I'm trying to say, don't listen to what people are telling you.

When I was getting older shaving eventually became a chore which was a hassle to do. I started to not care as much about doing it and we get to this stage now where my mum is giving me 'the talk' about how I should really shave my armpits. 

It's not that I've completely given up on it, it's just that I don't care for it anymore. I probably will shave if its for some special occasion but I don't think it should be as regular. I get the whole thing of the pleasure of smooth legs when you just get into bed but does it really need that much attention? It's just hair, I've got it on my head so why should I shave other areas. Boys don't have to shave so why should girls. Who made that decision?

Some people's argument here is that it's unhygienic. After doing some research I have found that this argument has been completely shattered by medicals. When it comes to shaving your intimate areas, it has been proven that shaving can increase the risks of getting all sorts of infections and the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, not that I'm likely to get that anyway but you get the point. Shaving irritates your skin and increases your chance of catching things. It's basically more hygienic to not shave. 

Moving to the armpit hair, believe it or not, the same principle applies. Underarm hair provides protection against friction when the arm is moved. It's a natural occurrence so why should you fight nature? It's obviously there for a reason so why should we make our lives harder. Who needs all the hassle anyway?

To sum up, body hair is natural. We shouldn't have to shave because people are telling us that. We're strong independent women who can control our lives! Why don't you try it, don't shave for a week or a month and see how you feel about it.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


June 24, 2016

Art Foundation Final Show | Poppi

Hello my lovelies!
After today's tragedy of Britain leaving the EU, I'm here to reflect on what I've accomplished recently and the amount of work that I've put into my art project.

Starting this project I didn't know what to do. It was a hard decision to chose something to do for 10 weeks but eventually, after the influence of Love Magazine, I realized that I wanted to created something happy, colourful and positive. Something that would make me want to come in to college.

The whole project started off with doodles. Doodles you do in maths when you're bored and you end up writing that boy's name over and over again. I started to experiment with drawings, colour and sweets believe it or not. To bring this experimentation together, I have created a series of dresses with different shapes and fonts to reflect this young, teenage spirit. I wanted to create an atmosphere where girls 15-25 years old can reflect on their youth, look forward to maturing but at the same time keep that inner child.

To go along with these dresses I wanted to create a small magazine promoting this atmosphere and feeling. I showed off the mock brand in a creative way using doodles, illustrations and collages. Social media has also been a great influence, especially Instagram which is image based therefore it influenced the colour scheme and in general what people were interested in. Here's a link to the zine where you can see all of the pages.

This whole experience has been an incredible one and it's a year of my life which I will never forget. I feel so privileged to have experienced this and I really hope that everything work out for our younger generation. I just hope that we can look forward to what is to come next for us like university or other things rather than worry.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


June 19, 2016

Poppi Zine | Art Foundation Final Project

Hello my lovelies!
It's all over now! I've finally finished this long ass project of mine (backstory, I do art and it was my final major project). I've made a (maga)zine to go with the Poppi collection as a final piece. It shows off the collection that I've made portraying a certain atmosphere. Throughout the whole project I've worked to recreate this teenage atmosphere. I wanted to reminisce these teenage years where you talk about boys, plan festivals or do doodles on homework. It's all about colour and that vibrant look. 

Hope you enjoy this little zine and get inspired by it. Let me know what you think and if anyone wants a physical copy as I still have a few left. 

Thanks for reading, Dom x

June 05, 2016

May Instagram Favourites

Quick catchup! 
May has been super hectic especially near the end. Final show on it's way and I can't believe that I managed to make 3 dresses, a magazine and even some tshirts to go with the collection (will be up for sale, here's the print preview) in 11 weeks. 

Because my project was so intense I used lots of sources for inspiration. One of them was instagram and it completely took over my discover page. The main theme in my project was colour and I started to discover so many amazing artists. Yes, artists. Not just casual posters. The amount of time people put into creating these amazingly aesthetic images is so incredible. 

One of my top 3 have been Sophlog, Tatty Devine and Fluffegram

May 22, 2016

Doodle Me Prints

Hello my lovelies!
Today I just wanted to share some of my project which I've been doing for the past 10 weeks. This thing has completely taken over my life and I thought it would only make sense to share some of it here. You may know that I'm currently on an Art Foundation course, or not, but either way here's something that I've been doing.

May 08, 2016

Keishi Jewellery | Nottingham Fashion Week

Hello my lovelies!
Today I'm going to be talking about the brand Keishi Jewelry. This isn't a sponsored post or anything, I just really like their products! It's a company located in Nottingham in the Hockley area. It's a lovely minimalist jewellers with a great aesthetic. The photography is just top notch instagram worthy. What I really like about this company is that you can really get involved in the making process of your jewellery. After doing some research and stalking their website I noticed their bespoke service. Its a service which gives you a chance to be personally involved in the design, selection and creation of your one off piece. How awesome is that! You can design your own jewellery! So after discovering this awesome brand I really wanted to share them with everyone and talk a little about it considering I get most of my readers from Nottingham or UK in general

I've only just heard about this brand at an event for the Nottingham Fashion Week. It was a Charity Fashion Show for the company Stick & Ribbon which featured their clothing with the Keishi Jewellery. It was a great event with a really chill atmosphere. I even managed to get a cheeky cocktail and a goody bag. Although out of the whole event the jewellery was my favourite. After chatting to the lady with the jewellery, me and my friend managed to get a goody bag from them too. It was a lovely silver circle necklace with a silver chain. I've been wearing it ever since I got it and I love it so much! I've enjoyed layering it, so I'm wearing it with a choker here.


May 01, 2016

Stylish From the Day You Were Born

Hello my lovelies! 
So after a stressful busy week, I've still managed to put something together for today. It's getting to the end of my project at college and it's a very stressful time. Good luck to everyone doing their exams now or anything like that! I believe in you! We believe in you!

I've rummaged through some of my old pictures because an idea for this post came into my head last night. Is it just me or has anyone ever looked through their pictures and thought 'wow that outfit is fire! thanks mum!' Well that's basically what I've done. I think when you grow up a bit, you start to appreciate little things like that, whereas at that age I probably thought that was the worst idea ever. My favorite out of all of these is probably the one with the excessive amount of face gems on my face. I remember that day, I thought I looked cool. 

I think it's nice to reflect on little things like this. Not to forget, it's great style inspo hehe. I probably wouldn't fit into these clothes now but it's nice to look at it and be inspired. Although I did try this when I was about 12. I kept a top from when I was 8 or 9 and I refused to give it away because I loved it so much, by then it was a crop top. But hey I worked it.  The worst thing you can do is take yourself too seriously. Style should involve play and sillyness. That's what I tend to do when I wear very grown up outfits for a while. I have to take a day where I will wear patterned tights (and I mean butterfly tights) with some cute little space buns. Hmm that actually sounds pretty cool, I need to try that. 

Why don't you try it now. Look through your old pictures, you might just get inspired. I'd love to see anyone's old pictures by the way! Show me some stylish mini yous!

That's all for now, thanks for reading, Dom x

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