October 25, 2015

Sugar Skull Tutorial | Halloween Makeup

Happy Halloween everyone!
Okay we still have a week but we all know that everyone is preparing for it now.
I have a sugar skull makeup tutorial for you today and I do warn you that this post might be a bit long but I have nearly 40 images to show you.

To start of I moisturize the face so everything blends easier ad doesn't dry out your face. Then I dab some neon white face paint (end of post) all over my face and blend with a makeup brush. This gives me a base which I can build up by adding more white face paint.

After the whole face is covered I dab some translucent powder to set everything in place.
I then put some white face paint using Smiffy's palette just to make the white bolder and less see through.
Once the face is done I moved onto the eyes. Using the purple in the palette I outlined my eyes going on the lid and all the way up to the eyebrow. (I did however go too low with this, which meant I didn't have as much room for decoration later)
Once you've coloured the eyes, using an eyeliner brush and the black face paint outline the colour.
Then I moved onto decorating the eyes a little. Using the eyeliner brush again I painted little petals around the eyes making them look a little like flowers.
The nose shape isn't really that important. It's not meant to look realistic so I'd say just go crazy with it but that's the shape that I've done. Again it's using the same brush and the same paint palette.
So moving onto the teeth. Starting from the mouth I painted a line up which went along my cheekbone (basically where you contour). Once both sides are painted you move on to the teeth and the best way to do this is star in the middle of your mouth and work your way out.
Now the fun part! You can add any decorations to the face. Any flowers or swirls will do. I started off with drawing a flower on my forehead and chin (don't judge I know it didn't turn out right but it still works). I then did some swirls and dots to fill the space a little.

You can then add some colour so main colour is green and I've just put that into the petals on my eyes and the flowers.

To give the face some more dimension I used some eye shadow on the eyes and petals. For the eyes I used the single purple eye shadow and for the petals I used the green shades in the palette.

 To make the teeth look a little more scary I used that same purple shade and put it on the inner part of my mouth and along the teeth line.

Finally to finish off the look I dabbed some blush on the apples of my cheeks.

Here are all the products that I used: Smiffy's Make-up FX Grease paint palette, Star gazer Neon Colour in Neon White, Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids vs Unicorns, Makeup Revolution Mono Eye shadow in the shade Insomnia, Rimmels Powder blush in the shade 004 Pink Rose.
And voilĂ ! Thats my sugar skull halloween makeup. Hope you guys liked this look, if so let me know and I'd love to see any halloween looks that you have so show me on Twitter or Instagram.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

October 18, 2015

Arty Farty | Autumn 'Outdoor Within' Den

Hello my lovelies! 
Second Arty Farty post in 2 weeks! Sorry not sorry hehe. I mean I am doing an Art Foundation so I'm surrounded by art at least 4 times a week (we get Fridays off). Next week its a Halloween post though. Lets just say that there may or may not be a sugar skull tutorial. But for now, here are some pictures of the Fine Art week at college.

This week we were given a brief to create a fine art piece in any location around college. The piece had to have some sort of meaning or narrative. To be fair I wasn't that keen on the week. The Thursday before we had a lecture about fine art so we saw a lot of artist's work but I still had no idea what to do.
Now some back story to my choice of project. Due to my choice of college, I now have to wake up at 6:30 every morning to get to college on time. I've been getting the bus very early everyday but I've really been enjoying it (apart from falling asleep the occasional time). My favourite place ever is this road called George Lane. When you go through it there are these hills around you and in the morning the sun rises around these hills. I love seeing throughout the year how the season change through the view of these fields. Anyhow, I've been really inspired by Autumn recently and I just feel so in awe of everything. I think writing on this blog and linking things to seasons like my Autumn Makeup Tutorial or the Autumn Blanket Cape made me really notice season more.
Having that in mind I somehow wanted to bring that atmosphere into a confined space. My teacher helped with the location which ended up being perfect. We kept all the easels under the table which is where I made my den. I had that idea of bringing the outdoor in and I wanted to look at different senses to fulfill that experience. I filled the den with a ton of leaves which  crunched when you entered.  I also installed some speakers and a projector to project a video of the outdoor. While driving through George Lane on the bus Tuesday morning with the sun rising, I filmed the trees and the sun rise. I also edited the video by putting a different sound over it like distant bird noises. Basically what you hear at about 6:30 in the morning. 
Over 2 days we were creating our installations which is a really short amount of time for such an elaborate piece. Nonetheless after being told what to do step by step for weeks it was refreshing to create our own little projects which is probably why it was one of the funnest weeks we've had. 
Now that the project has finished I think I'm going to make it a den for the group to just chill in. Throw some pillows in there, bring a bluetooth speaker and just listen to some music which is whats happening in the last few pictures. Aidan plugged his phone in and we listened to some Alt-J. 
It was a very successful week.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


October 11, 2015

Arty Farty | Nottingham Contemporary : Alien Encounters Launch Night

Another Arty Farty feature!
I went to the Nottingham Contemporary on Friday. I don't always go to these types of events as I must say, I don't understand a lot of the work there. It's probably because it's very modern and sometimes doesn't convey obvious messages. In this case I didn't get a lot of it either but hey, it was a good night with Oli and I got a free cocktail. It's also a good opportunity to meet some important people. I also saw some Surface Gallery people which was really nice. I used to volunteer there a few months ago.
Anyhow I love art but I guess I prefer it when the art has a more defining message. I can appreciate the more modern art yet I guess I just want my art to have a narrative in some way. Conveniently enough, It's also something I'm struggling with now. Next week at college it's Fine Art week and we have to create an installation related to a place which conveys a message or has some type of narrative. I was thinking of doing video as it's something that I really enjoy but that's as far as I've gotten. I really like Bill Viola's work which is what brought me to do video in A level. Any inspiration though? I need to create some deep art hehe.

The exhibition in general was quite interesting. I particularly liked the yellow room with all the headphones hanging from the ceiling playing jazz and the photograph which looked 3D through a lens (although you can't really see it on the photograph). The art was really confusing nonetheless but I think that's probably my fault. I find it hard to understand messages in art. Lastly I wanted to mention the band United Vibrations which everyone loved! (Don't forget to check them out on youtube!) Before the band started to play me and Oli tried too guess what type of music they'd play and we were pleasantly surprised. Needless to say I was not expecting a saxophone on stage. The band's music really fitted into the theme of Alien Encounters and created a really good atmosphere in the room. The music brought the night to a good ending (we didn't stay till the end). Thanks for reading, Dom x


October 04, 2015

Autumn Cosy Blanket Look | Styling the Blanket Cape

It's October!
Time to get the Halloween decorations out! And buy our Christmas presents. Well, that's what the shops seem to suggest at least.
I've been very busy recently as Art Foundation can get quite hectic with all the workload. Nonetheless I have made some time to whip up a quick post (I've been a bit cheeky and used the college camera for this shoot... it's way better than my phone).
So yes, I have an autumnal fashion post for you all. I must admit I don't really dress according to the weather. It can be snowing and ill still wear a dress. Nonetheless I still like to stay cosy whenever I can, especially during this season when the weather can drop drastically. So here's a way that I styled my mums blanket cape.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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