August 30, 2015

Boobies | OOTD

Now it's not as weird as the title suggests, it's just a t-shirt. I struggled picking a title for this post but thought I'd link it to the Breast Cancer Awareness. I have been getting a lot of shocked looks though. I also met one of my teachers for my upcoming art foundation looking like this. Needless to say she was shocked. Pleasantly though which was a relief. She's an art teacher so I guess they would be into these kind of quirky things. Oh I'm thinking of posting on Sundays now. If I can I'll try to post twice a week but I'm going to get really busy now. Anyhow, here's the outfit. 

T-shirt - Amazon (and cut to fit)
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - F&F
Anklets - Select Fashion

Thanks for reading, Dom x

August 23, 2015

My Go-To Makeup

Hello my lovelies! 
This post is going to be about my everyday go-to makeup, especially when I don't have time to put on any eye shadow or eyeliner (which for me are not always necessary). Depending on how much time I have I'll suit this makeup around it but most of the time this is what it looks like. It only takes about 10/15 min to do but when I'm rushing I can do it faster. I'll stop rambling now.
So  I always start off with putting my hair in a bun so my hair is out of my face and I can see what I'm doing.
I usually start off by putting on some primer but I forgot this time so moving on to my foundation.
I apologize for the posing but I just felt this urge to over exaggerate these cheekbones. Anyway I was using the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the shade 120 Vanilla & the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the shade 250 Sun Beige as a contour foundation. I usually apply a little on my hand and use a brush spread across the face.
 So I blend everything in making sure I focus on the area underneath my eye, as I have terrible dark circles under my eyes, and that I'm spreading the foundation down my neck because no one wants foundation lines.
After I finish my foundation I still apply concealer under my eyes or on any blemishes which I blend in with my beauty blender, well a dupe but who cares, it does the same thing right? For my concealer I was using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in the shade 30 Classic Beige.
And blend!
And now this one is more optional. Face powder. I'm not a big fan of the stick/shiny face look so I will always use this but some people might prefer that. I'm using the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in the shade 4 Sandstorm. I blend this through my forehead, nose and under my eyes. I always put more under my eyes and on my eye lid because I absolutely hate foundation creases on your eyelid. 
I've been getting into this whole contouring this recently, I think it just looks awesome! Or maybe I'm just jealous of my boyfriend's perfect cheekbones. Either way, I just think it can make your everyday makeup just pop. It seems really hard (and it was at first) but after a few Youtube videos and a couple failed attempts... I'm a little better at it. I'm using the Sephora 8hr Wear Mattifying compact foundation which I know isn't a bronzer but it works well so why not.
And blend! With contouring I start of right at the top and blend my way down making sure I'm not blending on the cheek bone but just underneath it (if that makes sense). Basically you're trying to create/accentuate a shadow coming down from your cheekbone creating a more defined face structure. I also do some contouring on my forehead on the sides to show more shape.
I then quickly do my brows. It's not a major part of my life and I'm not obsessed with getting them perfect however I do shade them a little bit with my Laval Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. I blend it in a little with a spoolie. 

And lastly moving on to the lashes. I'm currently using the Maybelline Lash Sensational which I love soo much! I've seen beauty Youtubers talk about this mascara for a long time and after finding one on promotion in Poland I snatched one up. Just look how amazing it is! I don't think even the picture can show it's full potential. It's one of these thing you just have to try to believe.
And voilĂ ! That's my finished everyday go-to makeup! And here are some vain selfies showing off my contouring (*sighs* one can only dream of the cheekbones) hehe

Thanks for reading, Dom x

August 18, 2015

Luscious Lemon Cupcakes | Cooking with Dom

Hello my lovelies!
Me and Oli felt like baking something and after searching through recipes we found an easy and quick recipe for some lemon cupcakes so I thought I'd share our experience with you guys.

140g unsalted butter
100g caster sugar
zest 1/2 lemon
2 eggs
140g self-raising flour
For the butter cream icing
85g butter
175g icing sugar
juice 1/2 lemon
decorations eg pens, sprinkles etc

  • First of all, preheat the oven to 180C/160 fan/gas 4.
  • Line a 12-hole bun tin with cupcake cases.
  • Beat the butter and sugar in a bowl with a wooden spoon until it is really soft, add the lemon zest.
  • Slowly stir in the eggs
  • Gradually add the flour until it is combined

  • Pour the mixture into the cupcake cases, try to spread it out evenly, a good way to start is put a small amount in first then keep adding till it's all even.

  • Put it in the oven and bake for 20 minutes until the cupcakes are golden and not too soft to the touch

The Butter Icing

While the cakes cool, prepare the icing.
  • Beat the butter until it is really soft
  • Gradually add the icing sugar and lemon juice and continue to mix making sure it's not too runny.

  • Spread the butter icing evenly throughout the cupcakes and enjoy!

Thanks for reading, Dom x

August 14, 2015

Outfit of the Day | OOTD

Hello my lovelies! 
I have made an outfit of the day! It's not the best and it was a really spontaneous shoot on a cloudy day but me and Oli made it work. Also... my phone camera is the best! Can I also point out that the editing has been done on my phone. The app VSCO Cam creates wonders. Also I hope everyone did well on their results! I'm happy with my results and I can't wait to start my next year of education doing Art Foundation. It's going to be amazing!

Top, Primark
Jumper, Second hand
Jeans, Select Fashion 
Shoes, Shoe Factory

Thanks for reading, Dom x


August 11, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Get a Healthier Skin

 I realize that I haven't written for a while but I've been working non stop. Since it's nearly the end of summer and I'm starting college on the 7th of September, I'm trying to get in as many hours at work as I can (24 next week) as I won't be able to do that many when I start college. I need money too! So many things that I need yet I never have the money. Cry cry.

 Anyway, I found some time to write this quick post. I'll be planning a few posts ahead so I'm not posting as infrequently soon but here's a quickie.

 So I'm going to talk about how you can improve your skin, whether that's spots, blemishes or oilyness. I've been looking after my skin a lot more now, using different products and although it might seem like too much effort just using these products once a day or every other day can really make your face a lot healthier. 

 Now I'll say this, everyone has a different skin, whether you're prone to oilyness, have a dry skin, get more spots, achne etc. I just wanted to say my skin has always been fairly normal. Other than the occasional spots or dryness it's mostly fine. 

 What I started to use on a daily basis (or every other day if I forgot or couldn't be bothered) was:


3)Face Wash/Mask

 At the end of everyday I'd always use makeup wipes to remove my makeup and that's as far as cleaning my face went. What we don't realize is that it doesn't fully remove our makeup. We're still left with lots of muck on our face and everyone knows not to go to sleep without removing your makeup so why only remove it partially. After purchasing the Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner I realized that actually, my face was still filthy even though I just used a makeup wipe. What you do with a cleanser is you apply it on a cotton pad and just wipe your face down with it. Mine always ends up looking orange or grey, I know, horrible. It's just a step to preventing any breakage of spots. 

 The other thing I've been using is a facial toner. Now that baby works miracles. Again, I've rambled on enough about this but it's here again. A toner is basically there to fill your pores. Having filled pores basically means you get a smoother finish on your face when applying foundation or anything like that. That might not seem like a big deal but after repeating this your face is honestly so soft and I personally think that's all you need. Okay maybe not but who doesn't want a baby smooth skin? The toner I've been using is the Garnier's Softening Toner, which I just want to say is good and all but you could try any toner or even cleansers, whatever suits you better. 

 Lastly I'd like to talk about the importance of a face wash. You know when you see a spot coming out and you don't really know what to do to prevent it? Well I've been using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask which creates wonders! I've been using this at the end of the day and I usually leave it on from 10-30 minutes, depending on when I remember that it's on my face. So I usually use this as a mask however if I'm not bother to keep it on for so long i just use it as a wash. Now what this does is after washing it off you can instantly feel the difference. Your face feels a lot smoother and cleaner and any breakouts reduce in size. 

So that's it for now, thanks for reading and I hope some off you try this out and hopefully it works. 

See you next time, Dom x

August 06, 2015

I'm Getting Organised

Hello my lovelies!
I had a very chill day today and I wanted to finish it of with a post. 
All day I've been looking at blog stuff like post ideas, design tips etc. Although I tried to make some changes I think the only thing I accomplished was moving my header to the center. Not very exciting but hey I'm learning.
I also spent the day watching Orange Is The New Black (which i'm loving right now). I'm currently on season 2 and I don't really want to get to the end of season 3 because I like the idea that I can just click 'next episode'. So that's what I've been binge watching for the past few weeks, let me know what you guys are watching. I need something to watch when I finish OITNB. 
I also went to IKEA today! 
I love IKEA! If only I had longer to wander around because I always end up wanting to look at everything while mum is trying to get across to the other side of IKEA and I'm trying to catch up.
Anyhow, I've been wanting to get a bit more organised recently (since I'm terrible at it, just ask my mum). 
Since my recent interest in makeup I've been hoarding quite a bit of it without knowing how to store things for example my lipsticks.
I got two of these white boxes at IKEA and decided to make them work somehow. I ended up sitting there for 3 hours creating little slot boxes for each lipstick. I know, I'm terrible, I always have to make everything hard  for myself. It worked... a bit I guess. I don't really own many lipsticks but I thought I can always build my collection. 
I'll probably try and do some DIY's at some point. I'm just always really bad with things like that because I always manage to find the hardest possible way to do anything... which isn't much help for anyone.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

August 01, 2015

July Favourites

 Hello Everyone! 
 So this is just a post about some of the things I've been loving in the month of July. 
 I'll start of with the FASHION side. We all have the 'all time favorites' that you always reach for whenever you don't know what to wear. 

 I got this really cute top a while ago in Select for about £3 in sale. Since it's been getting really warm I've  been wearing this top so much.
Now the dresses! Because we all know I have an obsession with dresses. I've been wearing my lemon dress quite a lot recently as it's the most summery thing I own, I just love the quirkiness of it. I'm pretty sure I got it in Matalan last year for £5

MAKEUP has been a recent interest of mine. I started of this blog thinking it was going to be mostly fashion yet makeup has been a main focus so far. So this month I've developed a big interest in it and here is what I've been spending my money on (and loving it). I purchased the Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2, which if you don't know is a dupe for the Naked 2 palette. 
The Naked 2 palette is basically an eye shadow palette by Urban Decay which costs about £30-40 depending where you buy it. I got the dupe recently and I love it so much. I got it for just £4 which for me was a HUGE bargain.
I also wanted to mention a recent foundation that has been recommended by the youtuber Essie Button. 
It's the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Its so great! As the tittle suggests, it's a light coverage foundation which gives a fab natural look.

Lastly I'm going to include to Garnier Smoothing toner. I've recently done a post about my toner discovery  so I definitely had to include it in my faves. I won't go too much detail into it but it basically made my face baby smooth and who doesn't want that?

Now I have to mention some LUSH GOODIES. My boyfriend recently got me some bath bombs (I'm obsessed with bath bombs) and I wanted to include them in the favorites. I had Granny Takes a Dip (picture on the left) which was an awesome bath bomb which made my bath really pink and I love pink. I also got the Dragon Egg. I looove colourful baths so I absolutely loved these ones. 
I have to put the Dragon Egg in at least my top five bath bombs. The bath bomb,although on the outside looks plain, on the inside it's full of surprises. The different colours mix together wonderfully in the bath creating a gold shade. It was also quite foamy which created lush bubbles. The popping candy was another feature which created an exciting bath experience. I personally like the bath bombs because its something different. I take baths everyday so using a bath bomb just makes the bath a little more exciting (I still love baths though).

I also wanted to mention a BOOK that I've read recently. Its called Paper Towns and it's written by John Green. I read it when I went away on holiday and it was a very strange experience. I went through stages of hating it because of certain evens and stages of loving the underlying messages of it. Nonetheless (without giving away too many spoilers) it was still a favourite of the month and is definitely worth a read before the film comes out.

The last area I wanted to go into is my favourite YOUTUBERS. I really enjoy writing for this blog. I'm clearly not the best at it however it gives me an opportunity to talk about something I enjoy like fashion and makeup. Youtube is where bloggers have taken to recently and it's all about the vlogging now so watching them has given me a lot of inspiration for some posts. My most favourite youtuber recently has been LaMadelynn as she's cute and quirky. She does a lot of DIY's and in general has an awesome style. My second favourite has been Ingrid Nilsen. She's probably one of the first youtubers I started to watch when I got into this whole thing. I started to watch her makeup tutorials but also her packing videos, she just really stands out from other youtubers.

And to wrap this post up, I present Wengie! She's an Asian beauty youtuber who does a lot of different things from tutorials to hauls to how she got her eyebrows tattooed. It's all really interesting to watch and she has the cutest voice ever. Just to put it out there... She's nearly 30! To be honest I thought she was 18.
Anyhow, I hope this was somehow interesting, I found it really fun to write and give out some recommendations. 
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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