July 29, 2015

Outfit Of The Day: Wroclaw Trip

 Hello my lovelies!
 It's outfit of the day time! 
 Finally I had the opportunity to take some fashiony pictures (or I had Oli take them).
 So this is the outfit! I recently bought a couple of things so this outfit is pretty much everything new. I'll go into the details then.
I have here the chunky wooden hoop earrings which I got from Claire's on sale for £1 (BARGAIN!). Then the choker I got from Primark a while ago for £3.

 Then the skirt that I bought just before I came to Poland with Oli. It's from Primark and it cost £10. By the way thanks mummy for getting me it. I love it so much. I've seen a lot of people wearing these types of skirts, mostly in denim, so I thought this one was a nice twist to the denim version.

 These shoes were a massive bargain! I love a good bargain and walking into Shoe Factory was a dream come true. They only cost me £3.99... I know right. In the past few days they have been my go to shoes as they go with EVERYTHING and they just give the outfit a little extra pizzazz. 

Thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x

July 25, 2015

Call Me Super Sparkle

Hello my lovelies!
Yesterday I went to my friends' superhero themed 18th birthday party (what a mouthful)and I wanted to share my experience.
First of all I'll start off by saying I'm not majorly into superheroes so I didn't know that many. I struggled with the idea of a costume for a while till I babysat two 5 year old and watched the new (newish) barbie film, Super Sparkle. She's basically a superhero who saves people but also a princess. Anyhow I though, I can pull off the outfit quite cheeply.
I think that I pretty much nailed it hehe. I also had pink bits in my hair but it's not very visable. I used some hair chalk (which I'll add that is sold at ridiculous prices now).
So the party was really fun, a little stressful day considering I'm going on holiday on Monday so I had to get last minute things. Then I headed to Charlotte's to do her makeup and make sure her and Jade enjoyed themselves and not stress about little things. 
But it was nice to see everyone from college again since I haven't seen them for at least a month. And I saw Jeremy! I must say I think him being dressed as a nun make the night. Including his 'catholic' dancing. Well that and Hello Tomorrow playing ;)
There was also a photobooth so we took some silly pictures but here's me with Oli then with my bae Holly.

 Thanks for reading everyone, I really appreciate it. QuirkyDom x

July 20, 2015

Holiday looks and the issue of taking fashion pictures

So I've been looking over some of the pictures from my holiday and I noticed some outfit pictures so I just basically wanted to share some of my holiday looks. 

I will be doing some more fashion posts as I love fashion and the idea of running a fashion blog seems so cool for me. It's hard to pick an angle though without saying "Hello, here's what I'm wearing". Not to mention taking the pictures. I don't actually own a camera, all of my pictures are taken on my phone and if I want any pictures like these^ I have to ask other people which I find extremely awkward. Most of the time its someone like my mum hehe.
I guess all I can do is try my best to just express my interests, and keep using front camera and timer ;)
Anyhow, thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x

July 18, 2015

I've made a discovery!

Hello everybody! 
So I'm writing today about a face care discovery I made (well not really, it's just something I found that I never knew existed).

I realise it sounds a little weird and you may be thinking 'ummm okay why is she making such a big deal about it?' but honestly I'm not kidding, it creates wonders!
I love having a smooth face and even though it's not extremely dry, I still like the idea of a baby smooth skin. Anyway, after getting into beauty YouTubers, I've been trying out day creams, primers etc. I mean I did notice a difference with all of these however after trying the Garnier Smoothing Toner I was speechless.
Toners are basically there to help close up your pores creating a smooth face. Primers work similarly however imagine using two at the same time! Baby face!
I bought this toner for just over £2 in boots so it's not really a lot of money, I definitely recommend trying it out and just seeing whether it works for you. 
Now I realise some of you might not know when to use this in a skin care routine, especially if you haven't heard of it before. After wiping of my makeup and using a cleanser (totally optional), I usually use my toner then and continue with a face cream. This is just how I do it, other people have different products involved however I think it's a good start at looking after your skin.
Anyhow, thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x


July 15, 2015

Crown Braid: How To

Hiya my lovelies!
So today I'm writing about how to create a crown braid like this.
I loove this hairstyle and to be honest it doesn't take that long to do, just depends how skilled you are at braiding I guess. 
The hair-do looks quite dressy which can make any casual outfit stand out a bit more. I think its great for summer or spring although I must admit I do wear it all year around. I'm not one to stick to seasons when it comes to clothes, hair or makeup. I mean I can still pull off a dress/skirt in the winter. Just put on some thick tights and you're fine. 
So to start of you want to part your hair in the middle all the way through to the back. I like to put a bobble on one side just to keep it out of the way.
Then you want to start braiding from the back going up, making sure you keep it fairly tight as once you've finished the braids and you're clipping them together its best to have it tight. When you've clipped the braids into place you then can loosen them for a more casual look.
So when you're braiding your hair each time you add more in until you get to the parting. Then you just finish off the braid and put a small bobble on it until you've finished with the other braid.
So then you just do the other side the same way. This is pretty much how it should look when you've finished the braids.
Lastly you just take the braids across and grip them in however you like. I usually pull it up a little bit too because i always feel it's a little too low. Finally you can loosen the braids and pull out some hair on the side. 
So this is the final look.
I hope you guys enjoyed this and that it was helpful. Now go and have an awesome week. Make sure you're having a great summer.
Thanks, QuirkyDom x


July 12, 2015

Hippy Holiday Abroad Fashion

So I'm back from my holiday which was just amazing. I've never been on a family holiday like that so I really enjoyed it. One of the things which I really loved there was the cute little clothing shops they had and the architecture. Nonetheless I'm going to go into the fashion side today. 
The clothing shops seem to differ a lot from say Primark or River Island and have a sort of hippy side to it which I loved. I have heard from other people that my style can be a bit hippy. Personally I don't think it is but that's just because I don't think I have a specific style, it's just what I feel like wearing that day. 
Anyway here are some pictures that I've taken in Majorca to show the style a bit more visually rather than just talk about it.

I fell in love with these shirts. So much pattern which would look great in Spring or Summer. I actually already had a patterned shirt/top on the holiday which I'll probably post at some point (and yes it is my mums. As most of the clothes I wear  - sorry mum)
The 'genies'. Like I said the clothing was on the hippy side which meant that genies were sold everywhere and I must say even my mum bought a pair. They're the most comfortable trousers in the world and who doesn't just want a bit of wind down below on a warm summer day? Well... in England its probably slightly warm but you get the gist. 

The colourful trousers/leggings. I love patterned leggings! I think they can jazz up any simple outfit. You could wear it with a plain white top and you'd still look amazing. 

I'm pretty sure these were some of the dresses and look at them... they're so hippy! The flowy material and the abstract patterns tell you its summer. The materials were awesome because they were very thin which fit the season.
Lastly the displays in my opinion were awesome. The colour coordination and the summery vibe got me in the holiday mood. 
I'm a big fan of colour when it comes to an outfit. I think it makes you seem like a more bright and happy person. I don't know that's just what I think. Anyhow, as you can see the clothes were VERY colourful and summery. The patterns very vibrant and quirky which just made me want to buy everything hehe. 
So after this holiday I think I'm going to challenge myself to find stores or online shops that sell similar clothing. I've also started looking into Korean fashion but that's a whole new topic. My style is very random to be fair. 
I'm also going to share that a bit more because I realize I haven't posted any of my outfits or anything like that yet and I made this blog to share my style. I shall be  doing that soon though. I've got some ideas for creating posts about event outfits or doing an outfit diary of some sort. I'm not sure yet, I'll probably have to look online for some inspiration however I'd love some suggestion. 
Anyhow, thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x


July 02, 2015

Whats in My Makeup Bag? ☀️ Off to Majorca

Greetings from Majorca!!
As I said in my previous post, I'm off to Majorca!
This post is just a little insight into my makeup bag and what sort of products I've packed with me. I'll just go straight into it.
This is pretty much all my makeup (well the stuff I'm taking on holiday) and yes it does fit in the makeup bag. I've tried to sort it into different sections like the face products, lip products, eyeliners etc.  
The are the eye shadows. I don't actually own that many but I brought some colourful ones like the green and pink but also just the shimmery brown and black for going out. My collection isn't very big but it's a working progress. A lot of eye shadows are by MUA, which has VERY cheap products, you can find them in Superdrug and the quality is good for it's price. The copper one that I have here is quite creamy but applies a bit like a powder one. The black one however is more matte. I also have some Cien eye shadows which is just the Lidl makeup brand but they have some nice products. Lastly  the green one is by Collection.
 This is my face collection which consists of face power, bronzer, blush, foundation and concealer. The foundation is by Revlon and its the Nearly Naked. The other makeup is some cheap brands that I've found like the the Miss Beauty powder and bronzer I found in the poundshop, it's not that bad to be fair. It gives a light natural coverage which is buildable. The cheek tint is by Rimmel and it's their Stay Blushed blush. I bought it because I never used a liquid blush so it was for experimentation purposes. I think it'll look lovely for a summer holiday. Blush is a definite necessity for a summer holiday.
 Moving on to the lips, I have my Baby Lips by Maybelline so I have nicesoft lips on my holiday. I love this lip balm because it makes my lips super soft and gives them a pink tint so I don't even have to wear a lipstick. I also have the essential red lipstick which can style up any outfit, mine is by MUA. I've got a red lipliner and a pinky Loreal Colour Riche Serum. This gives me a variety of colours to chose from but still keeping things neutral.
 And here are my eyeliner, as you can tell I'm taking a few glittery /colourful eyeliners. I like to jazz things up a little bit. Then I have my waterproof mascaras. I've got a volumising one one by Cien which gives them a little colour without looking too obvious.
Lastly my makeup brushes. Again I don't have a big collection and they're all just some cheap brushes that I got from primark or superdrug but hey they do the job. I think I'd only start investing in brushes once I knew that makeup was something that I knew more about and it became a passion. Right now I'm just learning. So the first 2 brushes I use for foundation. The first one is flat so applies the product on very well without wasting it. Then I have a curved brush which I use for bronzer or blush. And lastly I have my eye shadow brushes, one for applying then the other for blending.
Anyway thanks for reading, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather if its nice, if not, don't worry its only the beginning of the summer.
Thanks, QuirkyDom x 

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