June 29, 2015

Whats in My Suitcase?: Beach Holiday Essentials

I'm going on holiday!!
I've never really been on a proper beach holiday, the only place abroad that I've been to was Poland, and that's because I'm Polish. Oh and that time I went to Barcelona in Year 8 but who remembers that. I feel like when you're younger and you go on nice holidays you don't appreciate it as much.
Anyhow, I' going on Tuesday but I've pretty much been packing since Thursday. I'm just really excited!
But this post is about what to pack and the beach essentials you should take. I think it's good to make a checklist of all the things you need like dresses, shorts, skirts, bikini, makeup, hair products etc. Here's a good checklist to make sure you're not forgetting anything http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/entertainment/travel/a9624/holiday-checklist-for-girls-104222/. Also DON'T FORGET sun cream!  I'm definitely one of those people who will avoid it because I want to tan however I will be taking a high SPF for the start of the holiday then gradually move to a lower one. Nonetheless, always stay protected as you don't want to turn all red. I've been looking into this and watching some YouTube videos to inspire me so here are the things that I've packed so far. 
This is just what I've got in my suitcase, I wasn't sure whether to go through everything like the clothes but I think I'll post them when I'm on holiday or after. I think I'll do like an outfit diary. Anyhow, there's a lot of dresses, shorts and skirts.

So next it's clearly the bikini's or any other swimwear. This is my collection. I am kinda obsessed with lemons so I got a lemon bikini which will go great with my lemon beach dress.Can I also point out that I bought the lemon top and striped bottoms for £4!! Yes that's £4! Primark was having a sale on their bikinis. Although they didn't originally match, I made them work. Now this sounds silly but I've packed things like bikinis and under in a sandwich. Sounds really weird but I thought it was a good way to store it without taking too much space in my suitcase (I also have to share it with my sister so I'm trying to use my space wisely).

Then I bought a beach bag, I thought I matched my bikini so I couldn't miss the opportunity. It was only £5 so I thought it was a good bargain. Considering how big it is(it covers pretty much half of my body when around my shoulder).

So next I'm taking a straw hat, I don't really wear hats that often but I've always wanted one however whenever I tried them on in shops they never fit my head. I think I might have a slightly big head :s Anyhow, I found this one in Primark for £4 and it fit!

Moving on to cosmetics, I have my Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash/mask. I love it so much! I cleans my face so well! Honestly, I like to keep in on for at least 10 minutes and once I wash it off I instantly have a smoother face. This is great for a holiday because you don't want any spots coming out when youre on holiday, especially because youll be in a different climate, it's just good to keep looking after your face and prevent any surprises on your face. Then I have my Trevor Sorbie Curl Cream. I have very curly hair and I used to suppress it but I've recently just learned to embrace it so I've been using just a blodge of this to enhance the curls. Then I have my John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfecting Creme. My hair tends to be very sensitive to dampness and it frizzes a lot. Considering I'll have beachy hair a lot during my holiday I'm expecting it to go out of control. This prevents the frizz a little bit. And lastly I just have a deodorant from Lidl hehe. Hey so far it's doing fine. Its going to be about 40 degrees so I want to make sure I still smell alright.

And then I have my John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Styling Spray. Its pretty much just a heat protector which "Revitalizes curls for frizz-free hold". I'm planning on keeping my hair fairly natural throughout my holiday however I do get occasions where half of my head is curly and the other straight so this is just something to protect my very sensitive hair and give them nice curls.

Moving on to my makeup! This is my makeup bag! I love it so much, it's just so cute! I'm taking two because in one I've just got all my makeup and other bits while the other has other products I might use and some accessories. I also wanted two because if I'm going to be outside of the hotel and I want to carry any products on me I can just pop them in there since the bag isn't very big.
In my makeup bag I've just got all my face products like foundation but also tinted cream as I won't really want a face caked in foundation considering the weather. I've got waterproof mascaras, different eye shadows for different looks. I went for the more colourful colours as I think they're perfect to use in the summer. I think I'll so a What's In My Makeup Bag post soon to go a little more into detail in the products.
And lastly this is just some stuff in the other makeup bag. It has my shampoo and condition in travel sized tubes alongside nail varnishes, face primer, hair grips and makeup wipes.
So that's mostly what I'm taking in my suitcase, there are other little things like underwear, bras etc but ill let you imagine how that looks. Also I still have some shoes to pack and put some stuff in my hand luggage but that's mostly it. Sorry for the really long post. I hope it was of any help, if not sorry for the long ramble. Anyhow, I hope it was of some help on what to take on summer holiday.

Thanks for reading, QuirkyDom x


June 26, 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer Review

My first primer!
After spending hours on Youtube watching countless beauty Youtubers, I have decided to join the primer hype. I've never really used primers as, to be honest, I didn't know their use. Basically, their purpose is to fill your pores in, so when you're putting your makeup on it's on a clean surface. It creates a sort of matte effect and helps to cover any blemishes or imperfections. You apply it after a moisturizer, if you use any, if not just dab some on before applying any makeup. However a primer can be used on its own too. Another good thing is a toner which I haven't tried yet although next pay I'm planning on investing in one. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, because I'm on a tight budget recently, due to paying for 2 holidays (updates soon), I went for the cheaper option rather than the better quality primers. I got this primer in Boots for £6.99 which is pretty much an average price, although the better ones are closer to £10. 
The primer has a creamy texture which was a downside to me. As a start off point I wanted to try creamy primers to see how effective they are in comparison to the silicone based ones, so the slippery gel ones. Nonetheless by swatching a silicone based one on my hand, I think I'd prefer these primers as it gives you a really baby smooth skin.
The Rimmel primer was still good nonetheless. It smoothed in my face however I felt that I had to apply more to see a big difference. With primers you're not meant to use a big amount as they're meant to give a smooth effect through blending a blodge in your most needed areas, for me its around my nose, chin and forehead. 
However, if you're on a tight budget or  just don't want to spend much on it as you're just trying them out, like me, this one would be great for you. You still get a smoother skin than by just applying a cream or anything like that. I hope this helped, let me know whether it did or whether this was completely irrelevant, I don't know, I hope it did hehe

Thanks, QuirkyDom x


June 24, 2015

Arty Farty

So I went to my college's art work exhibition today!
Although I didn't get to spend much time there as I had to run, I did kinda want to show off with the fact that my art work was up there hehe.
So this is my piece, the green thing hehe, I'm not really sure how to refer to it. My work was inspired by kaleidoscopic images which I made myself. I guess I just liked the compilation of this in this way, I don't know really, interpret it in your own way, I'd be delighted to hear suggestions on it's 'true meaning' hehe
Anyhow here's some other work which I really liked so well done to everyone on their amazing work!

Can I just point out that I love this one and I really wanted to buy it!

So that's my Arty Farty feature. I do love art and since I'm doing the Art Foundation next year, there will  be plenty more of this! Let me know what you think about the work!

Thanks, QuirkyDom x

June 22, 2015

A Day in Nottingham

Yesterday me and my friend Holly met up in town and walked about some shops. It was great to catch up with my Holly and just gossip and do face masks.
Yesterday we stumbled upon this cute Vintage shop which had amazing clothes, I wanted it all. My style is a bit different and the 'Basic' lines that a lot of popular shops do just don't appeal to me. I like it when I find a very random shirt and I frankly don't think 'What will this go with?' because I know that i'll make it work with something.
Anyhow, these are some pictures from the shop and the clothes I liked.
I'm not big on crop tops but just look how cute these ones are! The pink and the flowery red one are my fave.
They had these amazing hats which just reminded me of the short film of Keira Knightley as Coco Chanel selling marvelous hats.

Here's Holly! Pondering over the bow ties and gloves because that's just the type of person she is.
So lastly, as me and Holly were leaving I spotted these aaaahmazing white sunglasses. I pretty much just wanted everything in this shop hehe
Nottingham is really good for vintage shops and just the vintage atmosphere in general. The area Hockley in the centre of Nottingham is known as the 'Hipster area'. With all the charities like Sue Ryder, White Rose etc, and the cute little cafes, the overall atmosphere is very original and just an area that's worth exploring.

Thanks, QuirkyDom x


June 19, 2015

Lush Review: Sex Bomb

I must say I have started to have an obsession with Lush products. What’s not to love when it smells so Lush.
After having a busy day I was really excited to try out this bath bomb. I’m definitely not unfamiliar with the Lush products, I’m practically there every pay day, but I haven’t tried this one and it smelled gorgeous when I walked into the shop.
After a long day at work I was really looking forward to using this and I wasn’t disappointed. The bath bomb has a nice jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage scent which instantly relaxes you. The smell is quite sweet and rosy but not too overwhelming. 
It leaves the bath a nice  rosy pink colour which in my opinion, is a must from a bath bomb. I just love it when the bath bombs change the bath all colourful, when they  just fizz it's not as exciting.
Anyhow, I'd definitely recommend this bomb just to relax and have a nice pamper night. Also to top the bath off I'd recommend using a bit of Lush bath bar, they have many which  would go perfectly with this. Im currently using the Pop in the Bath but they have planty more. Here's a link to their bath bars, https://www.lush.co.uk/products/bubble-bars#showall, hope you found this helpful. Don't be afraid to comment if you found this helpful. 

Thanks, QuirkyDom x

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